Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pay It Forward April 7th Prize List - 1 more day to enter

Hey ladies and gents!

This is the complete Prize list for the April 7th Pay It Forward give away. Anyone that is following this blog is entered. Those that lurk (and there are a number of you hehe) should start following the blog now to make sure you have a chance to win one of these awesome prizes that have been so generously donated by folks from all around the globe. So without further ado... April 7th prizes!!

So... Here we go...
  •     $100 Gift Certificate/Credit Coupon for any GW product Online
  •      GW Mega Paint set - The older one with the screw lids but never opened. Donated by a follower, Alcarmeshi.
My Local Hobbytown USA has offered up 4 of the new Orc and Goblin boxs as they get released this month. I will spread it out to 4 winners. (Thanks Jeff!)
  •     Savage Orcs Box set
  •     Wurrzag Special Character

  •     River Trolls Box Set
  •     Orc and Goblin Arachnarok Box Set (SUPER FREAKING COOL)

  •   2 Tubes of Green Stuff Epoxy Putty

  • $50 dollar US gift coupon to Dragonforge Bases. Can be used for any products Jeff sells on his       webstore. He has some amazing sets to deck out that army you've been working on. (there just might also be a new base set in the works by yours truly for the Dragonforge store!)

  • Grey Knight prizes via Walters Shop:
Grey knight Codex


1Battle Brother Squad:


Nemesis Dreadknight!:


Grey Knight Stormraven:


The official prize kit that Bits and Kits is offering will include the following:
  • 1 x swann morton retractable knife
  • 5 x swann morton blades(for the above)
  • 1 x double ended pin vice
  • 5 x 2mm drill bits
  • 5 x 1mm drill bits
  • 1 x Prokit clippers
  • 1 x 25mm model vice
  • 1 x razor saw
  • 1 x diamond files
  • 1 x bits box
  • 1 x AA tweezers

Plus a selection of modeling materials like plasticard and plastruct and a pot of Bits.

A big thanks goes out to Bits and kits for donating such an awesome prize! Also, like the other items people are offering, he is willing to ship direct to the winner world wide. (if anyone is wondering, Bits and Kits is located in the UK)


A long time friend has decided to donate an amazing assortment of bitz.

In total there are 5 small tackle boxs full of stuff. Bitz range from every army in both warhammer and 40k, to alot of the new plastic warmachine things. All in all, this is now by far my fav item up for give away.


A few prizes are being carried over to the May 1st Drawing due to the donators not being able to ship right away. Sorry for any trouble this may cause for those interested in winning these items:

Knight Paladin Kit - Will be up for May 1st.
Necormunda Escher gang - Squigly will be able to ship for the May 1st.
CoD Fortress of Redemption - Cant be shipped until the May 1st give away.
Chessix Dice Set
GF9 Custom Templates - Both Dice and templates will be a single prize for May 1st.

Some other possible goodies that we tried to get into this months but looks like they will be going into the May drawing are:

A full sized Tau Pulse Carbine.
A very  decent sized Epic Imperial army, both guard and marines, including some FW stuff.
3 FoW box sets. (2 Tank sets and an infantry company)

So, out of all the prizes, having 3 pushed back isnt to bad. There will also be a number of amazing prizes for the May 1st drawing, ill get a list posted in the next few days as I get conformations on a few things.

Anyone that has any ideas for future prizes that you'd like me to try and get for the May 1st give away, let me know via comments here. Anyone wishing to donate something can also contact via comments here and we can go over how follower donations work, but to sum up, you have the option to pick the winner at random for your item, as well as ship it direct to them yourself if you like.

I once again want to think everyone for all the support in spreading the word. Lets keep this up folks, this is what community is all about.



  1. Looks like another fine drawing. Good luck to all those eligible for this month's drawing.

  2. You sire are amazing and most kind.

    Future prize ideas you say ? Oh yes I have an idea. PLEASE try to find one of these puppies !!!!!!!!!!!!


    The maker seems to be currently off ebay.

  3. Looks great, buddy. Looking forward to this. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want some of those orc and goblin sets...

    Best of luck everyone!

  4. Yay for us followers and not lurkers! :P

  5. The Golden Demon painted squads fall over, or were they forgotten on the wayside? (not high on my priorities, but something I noticed wasn't mentioned.)

  6. @Mutantpoo - Ill look around, pretty cool actually!

    @oniakki - That sorta morphed into an upcoming thing called LiveStrong Wargaming Project. (details over the next week or 2)

  7. Ah, sweet. Looking forward to reading about it.

  8. G'd luck, everyone. Boy, could I use some o' this stuff. GK Codex or Strike Squad would be perfect to kick-start that Purifier List I was planning. Same for the Credit Coupon. And, that bits box... WHOAH! Need I say more?

    Here's hoping. xD

  9. Good luck to everyone, I know my chances of winning are about one in a thousand but still, I'm hopeful X3

    Congratulations in advance to all the winners, this is too exciting!!!

  10. Congrats and good luck. Prizes look awesome.

  11. Wow, the list is amazing! Liked very much the dragon forge pot, its pretty cool! I would love to win that! Or the bitz box, it also looks freaking amazing!

    Good luck and congrats! ;D

  12. Very nice list. Lots of great stuff here!

  13. Why you no post winners yet?

  14. I have an idea for prizes, how about some Eldar.