Monday, April 4, 2011

[Adept Zero] Greetings

Hello, MWC readers; Zeronyne here. Matt has graciously allowed me to join the ranks of new writers providing content to this blog. I don't know the other writers personally, but I do know that Matt has set a high bar with his posts. His tutorials are uniformly easy to understand, and his WIP shots are always fascinating. Thanks for the opportunity, Matt!

I returned to the 40k fold two years ago after a roughly 20 year hiatus - a period of time that may be older than some of you. The path back was not straight, though. I dabbled in RPGs, historicals, and most recently, Warmahordes. I just traded off a considerable number of full painted Cryx miniatures for a large primed Infinity army, so I may visit that game as well. But the thing that keeps me addicted to GW is the scope and detail of the fluff. The scale of space and time in this game is staggering and detailed, and I find it fleshed out enough to make me confident that I can add my personality to the game without breaking it.

Which brings us to this fine blog. I love conversions and kitbashing. My conversions are not up to the caliber and ambition of some that I've seen here, but I find that sharing my experiences, especially my mistakes, creates an avenue for communication with like-minded people. And if my posts stop just one person from making an irreversible error, it will have been worth it.

So I have a few subjects that I will tackle in the next few weeks. I returned from Adepticon with fresh motivation and a slew of miniatures. I also bought a package of Instant Mold , so expect a report about my success and failures with that product. I am also in the process of finishing the creation of all 3 dreadnought variants from a single Furioso kit and two AoBR dreadnoughts. And then there are my two albatrosses: The tervigon and the mycetic spore. I really need to get going on those, and I will be sure to document the process.

I think, as an older gamer (I turned 44 yesterday), I have a perspective that may be a little off-center relative to what you read in the blogosphere these days, and you may find it refreshing.

Again, thanks to Matt for having such a great place to share ideas, and if you want to read more about my personal trials and tribulations as they relate to 40k, you can check out my blog at

Oh! I forgot the actual intro part. I live in Northwest Indiana, about 50 minutes from downtown Chicago. I work as a UX architect for an extremely large company. When I'm not painting miniatures or working, I'm kept busy by my two young daughters (the older one, 9, has started basecoating her Lizardmen). I also have a small recording studio in the house, and I'm a music gear junkie as well as being addicted to plastic and pewter.

Thanks again, and see you soon!


  1. Hey, I'm not the oldest writer any longer. Nice intro, and Happy Birthday.

  2. Nice to meet you Zero! Can't wait to read more.