Thursday, April 7, 2011

Only 6 hours until the Free Give Away. - Last chance to enter this month.

Thats right folks, the time is finally here! only a little over 6 more hours until the winners of this months Pay It Forward drawing are picked at random. I wish everyone the best luck and for those that havent yet entered, nows your last chance to be able to win anything from this months give away.

For those that havent seen all the amazing prizes that are up for the drawing, you can see them here:

Good luck everyone!


  1. I'm already hopping that my time has arrived to win that lovely mega paint set or the fortress. dreaming is always good.

  2. Sadly do to a slight hiccup, the Fortress has been moved to the May 1st drawing. The paint set is still most certainly up for grabs!

  3. Just how many winners are there going to be this month?, anyway?

  4. 14 winners today.

    Next month will have around 20-25 as a way to say thank you to everyone thats taken part before Gifts of Mork take over and we here at MWC (the team of writers and I) start our new project.

  5. This is exciting, Congratulations in advance to the winners!

    Ooh, I'd so love that Mega Paint Set, gift certificate or those bits boxes. A man can dream can't he? lol

    Again congrats to whoever does win, this always gets especially exciting in the last few hours!

  6. got my fingers crossed :)

    GL all.

  7. I think I'm already in. ;) GL all.