Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winners Announced for the April 7th Pay it Forward

Hey Folks!! (Sorry for the delay, work is a snazzy beast.. also wanted to confirm the major Prize for may 1st (a teaser shot can be seen at the very bottom of this post to see what it is)

Well its finally time. I wont kill you with suspense, the 14 lucky winners this month are, and in no specific order!!

**drum roll**

SC Mike
Future of fuel

I'm not sure on the people that used basic names but there may be more then 1 of at least one of the names. If so, the first one to contact me is the one used. Sorry for this, I didn't realize until last night when writing all the names down since the last drawing that so many more people used just a first name.

Ill figure out a way to correct this for the May 1st drawing, the final one and biggest before Gifts of Mork and the 40k forums take over.

I will be putting together the list of prizes for the May 1st drawing this week, so be sure to check back often to find out what you can win next month!

**What to do if your name is posted above**

First thing you should do is email me directly at with a list of all the prizes in order from most wanted to least wanted. If there is something you cant use at all, please let me know and anything that no one needs will simply be offered up to another person drawn at random. That way everyone has a chance to get something they need. Anyone winner that passes up anything they can get, wont be removed from the May 1st drawing obviously as they didn't technically win anything.

Every winner has until tomorrow to send me your lists. Ill then draw the winners names again and that's the order prizes will be assigned. If anyone fails to email me by Friday, at 5pm Central US time, ill draw new names to replace them.

Please keep in mind this month every single prize will be shipped from the person, store or webstore that donated. I will request your address in the email notifying you of what prize you will receive and then pass that info to the person, store or webstore that's shipping. I know at least 2 are not in the US, with one being in the UK and the other in Australia. Though I'm sure at least a few of the winners aren't local US either so its not a big deal. If any winner has a problem with this, I'm sure something can be arranged.

**If your name is not listed above**

Don't worry! your still automatically entered in the May 1st drawing. After the May 1st drawing, Gifts of Mork will be taking over with some very exciting things. While we (the newly formed team of awesome writers, AKA Team Awesome) have a wonderful project in the works called LiveStrong Wargaming project. More info on it to follow soon.

So until next time, check back often as we have all sorts of amazing stuff planned and a whole slew of hobby articles ranging from one end of the rainbow to the other.

** teaser photo on the May 1st major prize**

Yes... Im serious. More info very soon.


  1. Congrats To all, now get your lists in.

  2. Was the winner of the HOP Blog Roll contest in there somewhere?

    I don't recognize any of those names from that contest, and I'm curious how they were connected. The HOP hasn't reported any winner on their site, stating that it would be reported here first.

  3. Firstly congratulations to all the fourteen winners. I hope you enjoy what you've won!

    Secondly, Oh. My. God.

    That Titan is beautiful, I know there's only a very small chance I'd possibly win it but if I were to win it I think I'd faint from joy... I hope whoever does win it will enjoy it a lot and desperately hope that I'll get lucky lol

  4. Congrats to all of the winners!
    And the major prize for May is absolutely big! Serious props to whomever donates something like that!

  5. @Rkik - You sir were the winner from HoP. I didnt see your name anywhere in the follower list so I simply didnt put it here. I was under the impression you were told to email me your list like the winners from here. So, do just that and email me your list.

  6. @MWC - Thanks! I am a follower, but with 1100+, I'm not surprised I wasn't found. I hadn't been told anything yet (or even that I had won :P), but I will provide my list to you. Thanks again.

  7. Congrats! It's good to see a bunch of names I know from their blogs.

    And it only proves that Millest is not just awesome, but *double* awesome. ;-) His mediocre meanderings are anything but.

  8. Huzzah!

    Already scheming about how to pay something(s) forward!

  9. Huzzah!

    Have I ever told you this is the bestest most amazingest blog in the multiverse?

    I just decided.

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks folks for turning a good idea into a phenomenon!

  10. @rkik

    Yeah, sorry about that. Just a lack of communication on our part.

  11. Congrats winners.

    It will certainly be hard for me to live up to this greatness with Gifts of Mork!

    But you better believe we're up for the challenge!

    -Arch, Gifts of Mork

  12. Don't worry arch, we can do it :)

  13. Congrats to the winners!!!

    And for the other 1157 people, better luck next time! xD

  14. I hope I am the right Chris! I originally signed up with my yahoo account. I sent an email yesterday though! And congrats to all!

  15. Thanks to you & Dragonforge, I am now the proud owner of $50 worth of awesome bases :D. Looks like my Wolves will get a base upgrade.

  16. I sent my email last week, I guess I was one of the lucky winners, did you all receive it?
    let me know
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  17. @SC Mike - Nope, no email from you at all. I emailed you from the day after when you hadnt replied. I also emailed you in regards to another matter last night from my redstar email. Write me back at either one.

  18. Oooh what I'd do with that Warhound...

    Probably paint it.