Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Lo's Lowdown] GW and "the Bubble"

Please take a moment to read my commentary regarding the GW price increases over


I hope it's a good, worthwhile read.

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  1. It is a good read. Very understandable and valid in relation to the cost of machining and retooling. However it still fails to look at the issue of massive price disparity between nations.
    I think many people are missing the real point of what has happened, or the underlying argument. The restriction of trade in the new agreement has really done nothing more than highlight the fact that on like for like items and currencies customers are being charged twice as much for their purchases outside the UK and US. That is the core of the argument.
    I jumped on the GW UK site just to check out the cost of buying from them in the UK and on a single tactical squad with shipping the cost was the same as what we pay to buy off the shelf here, but as soon as I added more items to the basket the cost of shipping remained the same thereby bringing down the cost of purchasing from the Oz GW site.
    Given that I would approximately spend $3000(AUD) annually, if not more, with GW Australia, if I was to buy the exact same product from GW UK then my approximate outlay would be 60% of that, or I would spend the same and come away with approximately 40% more product.
    I'm not talking about buying from discount websites or any third party. This is a like for like example.