Monday, May 16, 2011

[The Rogue Trader] - Cheap Knights Part 2 - Purifiers

I've been building out a Grey Knight army and looking for ways to not sink a bajillion dollars into doing so.  I'd made a previous post about cheap knights.  Basically a quick demonstration about how easy it is to build a second set of 5 Grey Knights for 1/3 the price of a new box.  One of the comments I received on that post was about Dark Angel Veteran sprues, and that suggestion was one I wanted to try.

The Grey Knights have the elitest of the elite, the Purifier squads.  So elite that they even get their own bathrooms on the strike cruisers.  Bigger, cleaner bathrooms, away from those smelly Strike Squad and Terminator troop choices.  When it comes to painting Purifiers, the GW suggestion seems to be white helmets.  That seems a bit weak really.  These guys are tougher and more elite than the rest so they need a way to remind people.  What better way than 8' tall armored dudes in dresses.  A Dark Angel Veteran sprue then for the cloaked bodies, legs and heads that will make my purifiers unique from the rest of the rabble.

Like the Combat Squad kit bash this was very easy to do. It also left me with more than enough parts for another 5 strike squad troops, just missing the GK symbol on their shoulder pads.  I'd run out of storm bolter clips but a quick bit of work with the knife found a plentiful supply of those.  You know how your bits box is full of bolt guns?  Find two.  First scrape flat the side of the magazine on one.  Then scrape flat the other side of the magazine on the other.  Now, clip of the magazines and glue them together.  You can offset them which looks pretty good once done.

Here are the Strike Squad troops that also came from the same set.  Well OK not entirely, I did have a couple of extra halberds from the last box, but that is about it.  Definitely amused myself with the double ended Falchion.  Figured it would be a good way to identify the Justicar in the group and again, throw a bit of individuality in there.

One other quick suggestion for folks looking to personalize their Grey Knights a bit more.  Bretonnia.  More particularly, Bretonnian knights.  There were a fair few Bretonnian parts ended up in the bitz bin at the FLGS.  I took advantage of the bounty and picked up a few helmets and banners.  The Bretonnian line feels like it has them same heraldry style as Grey Knights so if you want to be able to enhance your Knights some it is a good place to look.  The banners on the back of the Venerable Dread I think look fantastic, they fit perfectly.  The helmet on the razorback I'm still a bit mixed about.  I want it there to make this look less like a regular marine Razorback.  At the same time it sticks out a bit.  My thought is to paint the whole housing (flat bit at the top) of the heavy bolter in the bright white/red of Grey Knights heraldry.  Hopefully that will help it blend in better.

That's it for the Cheap Knights.  Anyone else have any suggestions to share for making their Grey Knights stand out?



  1. I think we both had the same idea... I have a double-ended falchion on my Terminator Justicar.

    And I'm stealing this idea for my Purifier squad :D

  2. dark angel vets with grey knight arms. also, changing out the blades for a unique looking army.