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[Thoughts of a Herb] Bigger Orks - Elites: Part 1


Well, this post is about the Elites of the Ork codex. I've had to split it into two posts and this will be part one. Well, when I say "split", what I mean is Zagblitz got overzealous with the cutty-flame on his burna, and I'm desperately trying to cover it up by saying it was intentional.

Heh heh heh... I needs some moar stuff ta chop!

Try over there, not here, NOT HERE!

O'va dere? Hmph, if ya say so... Come on, Dakkazag.
Nah, you go ova dere, I need sum target practice anyway, hur hur hur...

*phew* That's them safely out of trouble, Dakkazag never hits anything anyway. OK then, lets start with these guys. I'm gonna get more rating and comments from the Meks, if I can get past the sound of 'da burny flames' and 'da dakka noises'.

NOBS *snigger*
Nobs are basically the big, bad orks of your army...

Not az big an' bad as me!

Thank you, Dakkazag!

Anyway, they come in mobs of 3 to 10, can take Trukks or Battlewagons as a transport (as long as they're not bikers), and have a huge range of model-by-model upgrades for wound-allocation cheese. Let's go through them...

May replace choppa with a Big Choppa or Power Klaw: This is pretty standard. I think the general rule is about a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of Big Choppa to Power Klaw, and only leave standard for wound allocation purposes.
May replace Slugga with TL-Shoota, Kombi-Rokkits or Kombi-Skorchas: My thoughts are to give out as many Kombi-Skorchas as possible while still keeping wound allocation, then it's personal preference. After all, these guys will be up close, and they still have BS2.
May take any of the following -
-'Eavy Armour: Yes. You'll want that added protection in close combat
: Yes. You'll want a bosspole that can't be singled out in combat (i.e. on a Warboss)
-Waaagh! Banner
: These are great. WS5 Nobs should now hit on a 3+. That's about 16% more hits, and that's not to be sniffed at.
-Ammo Runt: I'd only use for wound allocation, but you should stick him to Kombi-Rokkit guys, and usually the Kombi-Rokkit itself is enough for wound allocation.

One Nob may be a Painboy: INVALUABLE. Feel No Pain. 'Nuff said.
He May Take a Grot Orderly: Not really worth it in my opinion. He can only re-roll one FnP per game. If it was per turn he may be worth it, but for now, nah.
Any Nob in the Painboys unit may take a Cybork Body: Yes. You'll want at least two or three Cyborks in there to put those inevitable Melta and Lascannon shots on.

The entire mob may take Stikkbombs: For mobs of 5 and lower, or bikers, then yeah, I suppose. For mobs of over 5, it's cheaper to stick stikkbomb launchas on the transport they HAVE to be in if they're not on bikes.

The entire mob may take Bikes: Now here's the cheese. The Nob becomes same price as a Grey Knight Paladin, but this guy can turbo-boost, gets a free 4+ cover AND armour save, a Toughness boost and twin-linked Dakkaguns (read, short-range big shootas). Yeah, that's cool.

And, with a Warboss in tow, they become Troops!

Zagblitz Rating: 8/10 - "Yeah, dey's a bit pricey ta keep in yer warband. But dey's more smashy dan da rest of da boyz. An' dat's sayin sum'fin'."
Dakkazag Rating: 5/10 - "Well, I prefer me shooty boyz to me stompy boyz. But, I'z gotta say, de'se boyz are quite shooty, an' very stompy indeed."

MEGANOBS (Mega-Armoured Nobz = MANz)
These are the Orks answer to Terminators.

They come with Mega Armour, hence their rather unfortunate name... So they immediately get a TL-Shoota, 2+ save and Power Klaw. You'll want to be sending these against vehicles and the like. Not the Rhinos and Chimeras, but the Land Raiders and Monoliths. Stick them with a Mega-Armoured Warboss (MAWB) to make them Troops, and charge at the objective that Predator is sitting on!

They don't have that many options, which is kinda disappointing to be honest. The only options available are for kombi weapons. A bosspole would have been nice...

Anyway, they can take Trukk or Battlewagons too, but since they count as 2 models in transport same as Termy Armour, only 6 at a time can fit in the trukk. No barging now!

Zagblitz Rating: 7/10 - 'De'se boyz are mega stompy, but dey'z always have ta borrow a Trukk or a Wagon ta get anywhere, de're dat slow. Jus' don' tell dem dat, or dey'll get mad. It'z not pretty when dey getz mad.'
Dakkazag Rating: 5/10 - 'Wiv all dat armour dey where, dey mus' be right sissies! Hur hur hur..."

*stomp stomp stomp* "OI!"

"Oh zog..."

Oh great. Sorry readers, I have to go and save Dakkazag. Next post will contain the specialist orks, and I'll leave some pictures of my specially converted Nobs. That last clause was not immature in the slightest. Ok, see ya later.


Can I Has Power Klaw?
Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner, Power Klaw, Eavy Armour, Cybork Body

Behold, I have an Axe!
Nob w/ Kombi-Skorcha, Big Choppa, 'Eavy Armour

"I have come to kick @$$ and chew gum..."
Nob w/ Big Choppa, 'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body.

Nob w/ Kombi-Skorcha, Big Choppa, Bosspole, 'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body

Da Boy of Pain...
Painboy w/ Eavy Armour, Cybork Body

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