Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Thoughts of a Herb] HEY GW, I'm going home!

Just about sums it up, really, don't it?

Yes, I've decided to stop playing 40k for a bit, and get into a new game as my wallet recovers. Don't worry, you're still gonna get the same great quality tacticas out of me, but you'll also get an insight of a n00bs journey into a brand new game.

So you might ask, which game will David be playing now?!

THIS game!
Yep, I'm getting into Malifaux!

"But why not Warma-Hordes or Flames of War?" I hear you cry. Well, here's my list...

  • The Background is awesome.
The background is basically humans have opened a Breach into a parallel universe, and built a city to export Soulstones back to Earth, as various faction vie for power over this trade. Think of it as Mordheim gone steampunk-sorcerer-Victorian-horror-western type thing.
  • The Models are awesome.
Need I say more?
  • The Entry Price is awesome.
For £60 ($98 to you lot in the US), I can get a starter box for me, a starter box as a demo army, themed cards for both boxes (look below) and the rules manual. As it is, I'm spending about £30 (~$50 to you) for my starter set, cards and rules. That's not half bad.
  • The Game Mechanics are awesome.
Instead of dice, Malifaux uses regular playing cards to determine what happens. Granted it's not quite as random as a dice (if you can count cards), but it allows for a whole new type of system. For example, if you get a certain card suit in certain situations, your character can use a 'trigger' and do something special. If a Joker comes into play, it's something really good or really bad, depending if it's the Red or Black Joker. It's a breath of fresh air from the sea of dice.
  • The Community is awesome.
I logged on to the forums on their website, Wyrd Miniatures, and everyone wanted to 'help the newb'. I got advice on which Master to pick, how to expand from that master, all the stuff you'd expect, but they also explained why these two work well while these two don't. A lot of the time people just say, "These work, these don't, work with it newb" So it's gratifying to be treated with a modicum of intelligence.

So, I hope that cleared things up for you.

I've already played a few demo games with a couple of friends. Both agreed that this system was superior to 40k (apart from one, who never played 40k). Both agreed to join me in this quest into the game. Both for some reason gravitated first towards the Arcanists... I sense a conspiracy! One of them decided to eventually defect towards the Outcasts, with the Viktorias. The fool! *evil laugh* ... Oh, sorry, ahem, and the other has decided to stay with the Arcanists, although so far he hasn't picked a Master.

I myself have decided to support the Neverborn, and will be picking up the Legion of Woe box set at the first opportunity. I've heard Pandora is a difficult Master to learn with, but I don't care, she looks awesome!

Anyway, I will be attending the UK Games Expo in Birmingham tomorrow (that's Sunday the 5th June to you time-travellers in the future) to hopefully get into some demo games and really get a proper grip for the rules and hopefully, I'll pick up my first box set not long after!

Until then.


  1. Awesome. I just picked up an outcast crew,Von Schill (I Think). I have to play but am reading the rule book.
    I live in the US and got a deck, two crews, and rule book for under $95.00 on sale. I love the price point.

  2. I look forward to Malifaux updates good sir. =) I like the look of the game.

  3. Kind of sad to read. Good luck with your new addiction.

  4. Good deal! (no pun intended... ugh)

    I just played my first game last Tuesday and was really impressed with the pace and mechanics.

  5. Hello! I've reason to believe we met at the Expo over a spot of Malifaux demonstrating. Thought I recognised your username from the Ork articles and decided to chime in and make m'self known.

  6. @kaptainvon. Ah yes, you must be the person who brutally ground my face into the dirt in the demo game. Well played!