Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Thoughts of a Herb] Smarter Orks: Elites Part 2

So convincing...

Now, next post on Orks. As usual, I'll get ratings on the units from the resident troublemakers, Dakkazag and Zagblitz. So, on we go!

Ork boys with rokkits and tankbusta bombs (read: Meltabombs with -2 strength) all round! Plus they can get Tankhammers for a S10 combat hit, and bomb squigs as a somewhat random way to send a S8 to the enemy (18" range, always goes towards nearest vehicle. 2+ it hits the enemy, on a 1 it hits one of your own!) And all this for a mere 9 points a model more than a normal boy? What could be better!?

Well, there is a slight issue with the Glory Hogs rule. A unit of Tankbustas always has to shoot at and/or assault the nearest enemy vehicle in LOS, even if it's out of range. Even though you could use some clever positioning to get around this, this is a bit of a bummer for an otherwise great unit, especially since the Elites section is crowded already...

Zagblitz Rating: 4/10 - "Yeah, da Tankbusta boyz can reely blow up dem 'oomie motors. But when dey get da wind up a bit, dey start ta go a little crazy, yeah?"
Dakkazag Rating: 6/10 - "Dey'z got plenty of good rokkits an' stuff, but dey get obsessed wiv blowin' da big stuff up, so dey don't see dem beakies righ' in fronta dem..."

Boyz who can Infiltrate and Move-Through-Cover. It's OK, but not a game changer, especially not with only 15 of them at once. Granted, they're only 4 points over a boy, rather than 9, but it's still not that great.

Enter... SNIKROT.
This dude is a legend. No, literally. His entire stat line takes a boost up (well, the bits that matter to Orks) He has 6 Strength 6 Attacks on the charge, re-rolls all failed rolls to hit thanks to his special knives called Mork's Teeth. Best of all, he has the rule 'Ambush' which allows him to come in from reserves from any table edge. So, see that Basilisk sitting at the table edge? No you don't! Because he was so freaked out, he moved it away, out of his deployment zone allowing your entire army to shoot at it.
Add to this the fact that he automatically gives the enemy another -1 Ld if he wins combat... well, he won't be sitting still for too long.

Back to the actual squad, they can take up to two burnas, big shootas or rokkits. I recommend burnas, just because that gives you a decent power-weapon attack f you're after toughies, or a flamer f you're after the softies.
Instead of Snikrot, you can take a Nob, who can have a Big Choppa or Power Klaw, and a bosspole and/or 'eavy armour. I recommend the bosspole to stop them running, and the Power klaw for vehicles.

Zagblitz Rating: 5/10 - "Dey'z good, yer, but sumtimes dey die befor dey do anyfin', cus da enemy shootz at dem. Or if ya tell dem da wait dere until ya call dem, dey don't 'ear ya, or dey walk ova too soon an' die anywayz. Snikky'z great, though, yer?"
Dakkazag Rating: 4/10 - "Dey can't take dat many good gunz, it'z troo. But, dey can sneek up close ta use their normal gunz, yer?"


Orks with flamethrowers, what's not to like? Essentially, every Ork comes with a burna, which they can use as a flamethrower, or a power weapon (but not in the same phase).

Now, here's where the ridiculousness starts. Put 12 of these in a looted wagon with a skorcha, and roll up alongside, say an group of Hormagaunts. Because the vehicle is open-topped, the unit can fire out of it from anywhere. Lay down one template, say it hits 7 Gaunts. Multiply that by 12 for your total hits. In this case, 7 x 12 =84 hits. Plus 7 more for the Skorcha is 91 hits. That's enough to kill pretty much anything.

All the upgrades available are for Meks. Don't take them. Less Burna-less Meks, more torching stuff.

Zagblitz Rating: 7/10 -
"De'se gunz dey 'ave is good fer anyfin', deys got da splashy-flame an' da cutty-flame, but it's not dat long a range, ya see. So, if dey run inta somefin' too killy fer dere own good, I 'as ta come an' bail 'em out, see?"
Dakkazag Rating: 7/10 -
"Dey'z got da burny stuff, an' dey burn stuff wiv it. Wat more d'ya wont?"

Now these guys are just amazing. What we have here is a transport killing machine. All of them have Deffguns, which are S7, AP4, and best of all, Heavy D3. A potential 45 shots from a single unit is enough to destroy most tanks. Same with Burnas, don't bother with the Meks or their upgrades.

Zagblitz Rating: 7/10 - "De'se boyz just blast stuff apart, yeah? Course, de're not too 'andy in a scrap, what wiv dat 'uge gun. An' dey often try ta nick stuff ta put on dere gunz. An' it can be an 'assle findin' dem a place ta shoot from. But dey get da job done."
Dakkazag Rating: 10 Gazillion/10 - "JUS' LOOK AT DEM GUNZ! *drools*"


There are three options with modelling Lootas to look unique.

#1, Straight from the box, with a simple head-swap...
#2, Some more extravagant additions from the bitzbox, but still using the shop-bought models...

#3, Go for broke and build them yourself...

The best bit is you can make them as silly as you like...
Although no-one is quite as silly as the next dude...

Yes, that is a Flamestorm Cannon... on an Ork!

Anyway, I'd better go, Dakkazag's starting to stain the carpet. Next post will go on to Ork Troops and Transports, so I'll see ya then!


  1. I love the one with the grot armed to da teef!

  2. NOONE read this if they intend to use orks against my army. I don't want to face that.