Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shoutout! Wolves for the Wolf God Free Giveaway!

Shoutout! Old Skool Style!



Good. Now that I have your attention.. What's up Miniature Wargame Conversions.. er.. followers? :)
Skarvald the Troll-faced from the Wolves for the Wolf God blog here with an offer you simply cannot refuse.. In a second, though.
In case this is your first time hearing about my blog, let me quickly jot down what it is about: Thunderwolves, ale, Space Wolves, Thunderwolves, explosions, the occasional Orc/Ork post (becuz they wuz made fer krumpin'), Thunderwolves, Apocalypse Formations and.. pretty much everything else. Oh, and Killzone. As in - Special Operations Killzone, the awesome 40k skirmish game that seems to be conquering the blogosphere like a stampede of Mangler Squigs on "magical" mushrooms.
As to what my blog has to do with conversions.. well, I'm the guy who has awesome conversion ideas but never gets the motivation or tools to do them. Like that one time I wanted to use the new High Elves Griffon-thing and turn it into a Dark Eldar Void Raven. Yeah, that never happened.
So, yeah.. WftWG is just my journal in which I get to dump all crazy ideas that come to me in this awesome hobby... And I occasionally brag about eating people's armies with my Thunderwolves.

About the GIVEWAY now. In order to commemorate Wolves for the Wolf God's 100th post I've decided to giveaway to one of my lucky followers an awesome Forge World kit in order to show my appreciation and keep the muses happy. Yep! A free resin Renegade Miltia Conversion Set, which is "a pack of resin accessories to upgrade 10 plastic Cadians, or convert other Games Workshop plastic figures, such as Catachans or Chaos Marauders. Set contains 10 head and torso pieces with respirators and Flamer canister. Plastic Cadians not included. Models designed by Mark Bedford."
Think of the awesome conversions you can make with 'em bad boys. The sky is the limit, as they say. Besides, who needs GW's "Citadel Finecast" when you already have cool resin dudemen to play with, right? 

So don't be shy and take a peek. I swear, the Thunderwolves are securely chained. All you have to do to get a shot at winning some Renegade Militia is to follow the blog.. And if you find something worthwhile, good for you! ;D

~Skarvald the Troll-faced"


Oh and before I forget, don't forget to check with our friends at Gifts of Mork, who are having a character creation competition to kickoff their movement. Its a great way to start off something wonderful!


  1. Yeah Thanks for the Shout Out!

    Just a note guys, I've only got a few people interested in the comp so far...and there are some damn nice prizes to win, for what is in general like a day's worth of work! I sadly can't hold the competition for less than a certain number of entries...especially with current budget constraints. So please head over and check it out. This is the first step on our way to building a sturdy backbone for some solid Charity work in the future.

    -Arch, GoM