Friday, July 22, 2011

MWC's Miniature Conversion Contest - Let the Voting Begin!

 Alright folks, entries are all in. All entries are anonymous to avoid favoritism. There is 2 staff entries, which, although they can receive votes, are exempt from winning the top 3 prizes. So without anymore delay! The entries and remember to vote for your personal favorite at the poll on the top right of the blog.

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:

Entry 6:

Entry 7:

Entry 8:

Entry 9:

Entry 10:

Entry 11:

Entry 12:

Entry 13:

Entry 14:

Entry 15:

Entry 16:

Entry 17:

Entry 18:

Staff Entry's:
Entry 1:

Entry 2:


  1. Not to be a hater but I guess I kind of expected more... lol. Good converting(most of you)! And I'd be curious to know what some of the special characters are supposed to be as the rules indicated. I vote next month Dreads or Vehicles!

  2. Awesome work all around - great job everyone!

  3. Nice work folks, there are a lot of really well done pieces here.

  4. Can they put up the descriptions of what they are and what work was done? That was asked for in the submission but not actually posted.

  5. I forgot all about it, shame on me. Congrats to all the competitors. You've got some nice work out there.


  6. Had to vote for 8, one of the few non-marine entries. To my eyes putting plastic pieces together in a different order is not converting...

  7. Well Craig, putting a bunch of different plastic pieces together is kinda the dictionary definition of converting…. otherwise it would be called a scratch built contest :P

    And number 8, even though it's really cool…is mostly GW plastic pieces as well.

  8. umm you missed out my entry? my email is generally a bit dodgy. and i also mised out 1/2 of the photos in the first one so i sent a second email?!

    hopefully there will be another contest soon :)


  9. I do not know if it is possible, but I think it would be more interesting if the poll results where hidden for everyone untill the poll is finished.

  10. And also, it would be really good if the header in the right hand column above the poll would be a link to the post with the pictures in it.