Monday, August 22, 2011

MWC August Conversion Contest: Vehicles - Voting now open!

Its once again that time folks! This month we have made some slight changes, there are fewer entries but quality is all top notch and most of all, we have learned how to stream line the contests.

Most of all, each person will get 2 votes, 1 for each group. The first is for followers of the blog, they are the ones that can truly have a chance to win. The second is for the staff. While the staff cant win any prizes, we still like to know what you guys think! So be sure to make a vote on both polls located to the right.

Now onto the entries with commentary from the contestants!

Entry #1 - Valkyrie

Here is my Valkyrie for your Vehicle Conversion Contest.

My main idea was to make a flyer that would have a shadow that looked like the Inquisitorial seal.
The front is actually two Baneblade turrets and the front window is from the crashed Aquila Lander.

Entry #2 - Land Raider Crusader

I based my Land Raider Crusader on the Forge World Malcados, since it is one of the coolest looking tanks ever made and I wanted to use it in regular 40k.

I made it wider with parts from a Baneblade and used the regular Land Raider's assault ramp in the front.
The glass cuppola from the immolator kit is one of my favorite conversion bits and many of my Inquisitorial vehicles use it.

Entry #3 - Imperial Guard Chimera

My entry for August Conversion Contest is an Aliens themed Imperial Guard Chimera. 
I built it from plastic sheet and various Imperial Gaurd and Space Marine bits. 
No detailed plans where used other than pictures from the web and a 3 side line drawing printed out to gauge the final size.
The driver is a Valkyrie pilot and his gear shift knob is the skull cane from an IG commander.
Driver's door is a cut down Land raider side door turned sideways and hinged.
Side door is a Rhino back door made to slide sideways.
Front turret is made from Rhino hatch bits.
Top turret is made from Sentinel Multi-lasers, Valkyrie sensors, Manticore radar dish and other misc parts from my bits box.
The wheels are R/C car wheels with hubs made from 25mm bases and symbols from the Valkyrie,
The troop compartment interior is comprised of computer screens from Rhino and land raiders, las-pistols, lasguns, gas cans and an engine cover made out of the base from the Aegis Defense Line quad-gun emplacement. 
The floor is from a Chimera kit.
The rest is all plastic sheet, tube and shapes.
I started this mid July and I have no idea how many hours I put into building this but it was a lot (The next one I make will be better planed before the build starts).  I am extremely happy with how this turned out.
I accidentally primer-ed it before I got a picture with the website ( Got ahead of myself as I am trying to get it painted to use on the 27th of August)

Entry #4 - Predator Angrinator

For this Predator Angrinator, I used a Whirlwind boxed set, plus a few
Space Marine upper bodies and extra Whirlwind launchers for the side
sponsons. The only greenstuffing I did was on the shoulder pauldrons
after figuring out that chopping off arms was not economical, the
magnets to the Marines (all Angry Marines in the launchers are
magnetized so we can see if it's shot its load or not), and on one
Whirlwind pod when I got too carried away with the cutters. ;^_^
Everything else is glued on.
Entry #5 - Leman Russ Exterminator, Ragnarok Pattern

Model:  Leman Russ Exterminator, Ragnarok Pattern 
Details:  I double tracked a Chimera Hull, and mated it with Leman Russ upper hull.  Main gun built from IG autocannons, Sponsons use  Baneblade hull turret Heavy Bolters and the large wheels from the old chimera kit,  Turret built from a Leman Russ turret, Baneblade armor plates and platicard.  Chimera lower chassis plates, various Leman Russ and Chimera hatches. were added to build up the rest of the chassis.


Entry #1

Adeptus Mechanicus Leman Russ Burrower
from Lantz's AdMech FanDex

Bits used: Leman Russ kit, AdMech icon from GW's Manufactorum kit, Power Generator from Quantum Gothic, sprue, green-stuff, plasticard, Power Cables from Dragonforge Games, Zoids' Tortoise weapon barrel, magnets and rivets from TichyTrain.

Entry #2

Adeptus Mechanicus Leman Russ Rapier
from Lantz's AdMech FanDex
Bits used: Leman Russ kit, AdMech icon from GW's Manufactorum kit, plasticard, magnets.


  1. Some very impressive conversions this month ladies and gentlemen.

    I'm loving the explanation of the Valk. The Raider and Russ' look great. What can I say about a pimped out Chimera?

    And who doesn't love a predator angrinator?

  2. Good stuff all around - the Angrinator definitely made me laugh, and the Ragnarok is very cool. Great work, everyone!

  3. Apologies to the rest of the entrants, but that Aliens APC "Chimera" is 100% pure win. Could use some rivets... well, a lot of rivets, but time constraints and all that, so we understand. It's amazing. Good show, everybody.

  4. Difficult. Only a few entries, but all really really good.