Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Redscorps] Converting a Las/Plas Razorback.

Hiya! I'm Jack, Redscorps to most and I'm here today to share with you a quick guide to converting my take on the trusty old Las/Plas Razorback.

A quick intro about me, I've been running my Red Scorpions blog since November last year and as a hobbyist into WH40K for about a year now though I've actually been playing the game on and off for about 16 years. I hadn't actually been interested in painting or modelling until this year after coming back from the most recent 5 year long break. I think I'd actually only painted about 10 models in the whole 16 year period!

Long story short, I was a full time athlete but due to an injury sidelining me (I dislocated my neck at the C2 vertebrae) in January last year I picked the hobby back up to get me through the associated boredom of the recovery process. It's definitely become more than a recovery aid though as I'm really into the hobby again and loving it. My health is also finally back to normal again now but it's been a long and very trying 18 months.
Red Scorpions Razorback
Red Scorpions Razorback
So on to the conversion, I'm going to start out with something pretty simple here but something most of us marine players will find ourselves converting or thinking about converting for their army as no 'off the shelf' solution is available.

The components you require to make the Razorback I have posted above are as follows:
2x Plasmaguns of the space marine variety
1x Vindicator shell crane housing
1x Storm bolter gun mount from the space marine vehicle upgrade sprue
1x Coms bit from the Aegis Defence Line gun sprue (Or other bit of sensory equipment)
1x Razorback upgrade sprue.
SM Upgrade

So the conversion itself is very simple, what you want to do first is cut the shoulder mounts from the Plasaguns as well as the trigger assemblies. Then glue these level, ether side of the Storm Bolter mount. Next you can glue the Vindicator Shell Crane cover on to the top of the twin Plasmaguns and they should slot right into the back of the cover. At this point I drill through the base of the SB mount with a 2mm drill bit and insert 2x1mm Neo magnets so I can join it onto the top of the magnetised hatch for the Las/Plas model or take it off and run it as another varient or Rhino.

The sensor arrangement is also very easy, all you have to do is cut the barrel from one of the Lascannons where the recoil section is and clean up the frame that the gun barrel was sitting on, then simply cut the back and sides of the coms piece so it sits on the mount level and the top cover can sit flush. The other thing I was thinking of now that I have a much more expensive bits box was to fit some targeting equipment but as I did this conversion very early on in the piece (And targeting eqiupment wouldn't actually improve the aim of the gunner that always seems to miss with the Lascannon anyway!).

It's probably not the best example of a conversions tutorial but it might give you an idea of how to do it if you were new to the game or wanted another perhaps more aesthetically pleasing alternative to jamming a pair of Plasmaguns in next to a Lascannon.

Let us know if you find this useful and I hope you enjoyed my first article on the Miniature Wargame Conversions Blog. The next article from me will actually deal with SEO optimisation for your Blog and the one after that is one I am really looking forward to.

Happy hobbying,


  1. Nice one, I shall have to try that out sometime!

  2. Very cool. I built some with the ig sentinel pc replacing the 2nd lascannon, but will try my hand at one of these for variety. Thanks for the post and nice paint job by the way.