Saturday, January 7, 2012

[LuckyNo.5] Joining The MWC Crew

Cheers Everyone! LuckyNo.5 here. MWC has graciously invited me to become a guest writer. I have to say I am humbled and honored at the opportunity. I plan to post about one to two articles a month that are informative and mostly tutorial based. A newly found airbrush fascination of mine will most likely be the focus of the first few articles.

About me Personally
I am currently located out of Philadelphia, USA where I live with my beautiful wife and 4 month old baby boy. A Graphic & Web Designer by trade, I've become a dabbler in many art forms including Photography & Illustration.

About me Hobby wise
I've been building models since I was a little kid. I started off with Star Trek and Star Wars Models. In fact I still have a very rarely updated Trek model blog over HERE

I like to think that I'm constantly improving as a painter, scratch builder/converter and have been getting more experimental with sculpting & casting. Eventually I plan to take this to the next level when I go back to Art School for my Masters in Industrial Design where I will learn more about 3-D rendering, prototype development and conceptual planning.

About 10 years ago my roommate at the time introduced me to 40k. It was an instant love for me, a sci-fi geek by nature. Now about $40k later I'm still very much in love with the game system and the models despite all the naysayers and new competition out there.

My 40k blog is over HERE. Some of you may know me for my Dark Eldar obsession. Armies I've started and some I’ve finished: Black Templars, Death Guard, Emperors Children, Dark Eldar and now Necrons.

Editors Note: Dont forget this bad mofo!  And what you are doing with it!

What it comes down to is I love building, painting and converting models and as I learn new tricks I will be sharing them on here. Hopefully my articles will help and/or inspire readers to create their own awesome minis and provide more fuel for this creative fire.


  1. welcome aboard. glad to see this place getting bigger all the time. I would love to see some terain articles as well. Airbrushes have always seemed like the evil cousin to the spray paint, but I look forward to see what you have to show us.

  2. Great Blog!

    IM following you!

    You can follow me too ! I got a Painting Blog!

  3. Hey Guys, thanks for the welcome.

    DuendE, I joined your blog :)