Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MWC Blog post Spotlight - 01

Drkmorals here

Our hobby tends to be full of very creative people with mad skillz and talents. Every week I run across several things that are cool, interesting, unique, or awesome. Here is one such post.

I wanted to shout out Pedro Kantor over at 2nd City Warzone

It looks like somehow by trading, stealing, begging, or perhaps other means we won't mentions here. Pedro ended up with three Adepticon limited edition models from this year. (totally Jealous) He has converted them up to use as sentinals I believe and even has magnetic weapons for them. Very cool stuff. For a little more info check out the post here. Adepticon Contructs pt II

Have a great blog post you want considered for highlight or see something amazing you want to nominate. Feel free to drop me a email Drkmorals AT gmail.com and point me in the right direction for consideration.

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  1. very... not sure if these have a 40k look. for admech they work, but they look so fragile. not sure if they look like close quarters models. the heads are totaly amazing... those skinny arms and legs though...