Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[REDDDDDSCORPSSSSS!!!!!!] The Storm Talon, uhh, really?

I had secretly hoped that the BoW guys were just terrible at drawing the new Space Marine Flyer, I was close, but as demonstrated by the cheeky preview photo below from BoK earlier today it seems that the culprits were in fact the designers in charge of the latest creation.

The proportions are a mess and the weapon systems on the front are really poorly positioned and make the model look cluttered. I think even the Stormravens weird little servitor turret was a better look than this weapon arrangement.

Once again they have ignored all basic aerodynamic principals and mounted the tail rudder in the dead air behind the fuselage, one of my main gripes with the Stormraven actually and the reason I cut and mounted my tail section higher and further back.

Someone needs a kick in the butt, it's not likely to happen and would actually really be pointless at this stage in the game but it's a bit of a shocker that this design made it off the drawing board. I doubt we can rely on Forge World to bail us out this time (Stormraven -> Storm Eagle) but I already have a few ideas of how to fix it ...AND... I actually think it's great that we have a new addition to the Vanilla SM Codex line-up, even if it's mediocre I think it will have it's uses if only in friendly matches.

So with that in mind, I have just ordered the bits from eBay I think I need to convert the model into something that looks at least a bit better and it won't take a whole lot of extra money to get the job done.

My plan is to extend the wing area and maybe change the orientation of the engines a little, I am going to use the assault cannons from the Stormravens turret that I have left over from the piece you can see above and mount them underneath the new wing sections next to the engines. I'm going to cut the tail section apart, extend it as long again and mount the vertical stabiliser in the airstream and not behind the fuselage.

I will document and photograph the process and with the parts ordered now, I'm hoping they will be here in time for the release weekend and I can get to it right away.

So, never fear, MWC is here! We've got your back on this one and hopefully you will be inspired to attempt your own conversion on the model once you see what I'm up to. Plus going off my other stuff you know I'll be after a 'factory finish' so it's not going to be out of the SM style.

Stay tuned.



  1. Bless our saviour!
    Indeed, the model equally calls to pity and urges to convert this nonsence to hells))

    Although it seems to me it'd be easier to scratch-build it or convert from something 3rd-party if the rules're right...

  2. Looking forward to what you're going to do with it . Sounds like you're thinking along the same lines as I am.

  3. Agreed, terrible model it shouldmhave been aborted.

    Best of luck with the conversion, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. In the grim, dark, future of the 41st century... There is no aerodynamics.

  5. It will be interesting to see what you do with the model. I agree that it needs some attention to look believable. I will have to study it a bit more and see what parts are included in the box and then I might try my hand at it and see what I can do.

  6. Aeteros you might be right about the scratch building but I think there is enough to work with there to actually make it a worthwhile purchase. We will see anyway, I could be wrong but I think I can make it look alright.

  7. Hudson and Sheep, stay tuned, should have something for you soon enough.

    James, I spat up my glas of water chuckling at that comment of yours.

    Agis there are a few more photos online of the Ultramarines one and a Whitescars one and I think it looks a lot better than these first photos. I'm basically going to widen the wings and lengthen the tail while moving the assault cannons up next to the engines. I actually like the fuselage and cockpit enough to leave that alone.

  8. Great minds think alike! When I saw side view photos I thought the thing could do with some lengthening as well. I was thinking of making a set of down swept wings for it to tie IG into the other SM fliers, and scooting the fuselage Lascannons back a bit as well.