Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GW Paint Charts - Make any color you need with just 5 paints

Hey folks,

I noticed this article the other day on a blog I follow, here. It reminded me of the article and the pictures that used to be posted on the LoTR page. I had saved the pics but simply forgot all about them until now. So....

All you need is these 5 colors and an eye dropper or a stirring stick to take out single drops.

And now the mixing charts:

I hope this helps those out there that simply don't have all the colors made. It is also a huge help to those that use colors that GW has discontinued, such as Tentacle pink and many others.


  1. Very helpful, thank you very much.

  2. That is awesome. I'm gunna have to do this to make the 2-3 GW paints I dont own due to discontinuation.

  3. You are officially my hobby-hero. I'm TERRIBLE at mixing colors (mostly because I never track the "recipes" I come up with, only to regret it later). Having a chart to consult to produce the same results each time is going to save me a lot of time and aggravation (and remove the burden of memory on my part!).


  4. Thank for linking me ;D

    Glad all of you found this helpful!


  5. Great!
    Not sure about regal blue though...

  6. awesome! can't wait to get some paints mixed! thank you very much!

  7. Thanks! Interesting idea trying all these combinations. I'm sure it will be usefull every now and then.

  8. There's a typo in my charts, where it says ELEVEN parts of chaos black (and 2 of enchanted blue) to get REGAL BLUE, it should say ONE part of chaos black and 2 of enchanted blue.

    Sorry! (damn it evil and malign keyboard! xD)
    Cheers! ;D

  9. This is awesome thanks! Although I might avoid measuring 156 drops of yellow for Kommando Khaki for the sake of my sanity!

  10. hahahahaha, you can use aproximations, you know?