Monday, July 16, 2012

[Shoutout for a friend!] Blatant Advertising - eBay auctions

Blatant Advertising - eBay auctions


Well it's been an... interesting week, and a significant unexpected expense has got me scrambling to come up with some extra funds. Unfortunately, what this mean is a number of miniatures and whatnot are having to go up on the auction block much earlier than planned. Not what I'd hoped to be doing with them, but needs must when the IRS devil drives I suppose...

Mostly World Eaters at the moment, plus the Iron Hands bikers, the Warhound Titan and a replica Bolt Pistol. There will likely be more going up over the next couple weeks while I dredge through the Closet of Doom for other odds and bobs that I can bear to part with...


Please share this if you know Joel or simply want to help out! Or simply go check out his blog! Here!!

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  1. Thanks for the nod!

    I'm going through the Closet of Doom for other interesting things to auction off over the next week or so, there's all sorts of treasures in there that I'll honestly never get around to, so I ought to let some of them go...