Monday, January 10, 2011

Basing Tutorial - Part 1

So the first tutorial will be on basing. I figure the best way to start would be to list the options for basing.

1) Basic sand, flock, or any other premade material requiring no additoonal work at all. Very simple, great for mass infantry armies where the eyes are drawn to the models themselves, not the bases.

2) Custom basing such as step 1 but with additional bits of rubble, stones, fake grass as well as being painted.

3) Choosing to buy premade resin bases from any number of places. Personally, when i go this route, I choose Dragon Forge Basing. Great sets, made so models can actually stand on them properly as well as easy to convert and change up.

Since options 1 and 2 are straight forward, ill move right to option 3. Pictured above are one of the wide based bike sets from Dragon Forge. The urban rubble set to be exact. They havent been converted past the addition of some grass for some color. The base on the land speeder was also from the same series but had alot of additonal things added, such as barb wire, a corpse, stones, the wall from a CoD set that the speeder is pinned to and a few other small things. On these bike bases I didnt add much because the bikes themselves will cover most of the detail.

For painting I wanted something other then red for the bricks so I went with an off yellow sand stone style color. I painted the tubble itself codex grey, then built up a few highlights to almost a white, I then washed it with devlan mud wash followed by a light dry brushing of fortress grey. I then went over it all with a bit of MIG pigments, specifically, "Industrail Dirt" mixed with a TINY bit of dark rust.

Finished them up with the skulls , bricks, stones and bullet casings getting a fresh coat to help them stand out better.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, such as if someone does want to see examples of options 1 and 2.

(the bikes themselves are done but I need riders so yea lol..)


  1. Thnaks for the tutorial it has been really helpfull

    Cheers Roderik

  2. Cool tutorial... I always like tutorials on how to build stuff. Thank you sir, may I have another?

  3. Thanks guys! What tutorial would you like next? You both get the next 2 choices!

  4. What is your technique for making the spent shells laying on the ground?

  5. I use plastic rod cut to size then grooved at one end to create the cap.