Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Weeks left for the Raffles.

I'm still debating how many of the items ill split up to have as many winners as possible or if ill go with the original plan to let the few winners pic the game genre they want.

I'm open to suggestions as time is running low on the remaining time left in the raffle.

So for those that still haven't entered, simply start to follow the blog and you will be entered automatically.


  1. Go with the original idea.


  2. Hehe the original idea was to have a few winners that each win a few prizes, basically, say 3 people won, id split the 3 game generes for those 3 people.

    I think what im gonna do now is, pick 3-5 winners then have them make a "most wanted list" of the items from the raffle and then try to give everyone something they really want and not just some models they may not even need.