Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey, look in the sky! Its a Stormraven!

Hey Folks!

While I was opening the package from the Gobbo yesterday, I noticed something wonderful! At first I ddint notice as the raven came on sprue out of its box as I had discussed with the gobbo to save a tad bit on shipping. But then as I was packing it up for whoever wins it tomorrow, I noticed there were 2!!!!! I contacted him right away to let him know but being such a nice freakin guy, he told me he did it so I could have one as well. What a great guy!

So that can only mean one thing!

Sons of Horus Stormraven!!! I figured hey why not since I already use the BA list to play the Sons and did have plans to get one eventually. But since its here now, what they hey! Expect pics of it up tomorrow! Now to convert the crap put this bad boy.


  1. Congratulations! Pictures please. :)

  2. Well it was probably coming your way since you've built up all this good karma (not that I believe in that stuff!).

    My opponent yesterday had one and I've got to say I'm jealous that Space Wolves can't have them. I worry I might be tempted to get a Grey Knights army!! Battle report's on my blog if you're interested.

  3. This just brought a smile to my face :)

    Good on ya. Well deserved.

  4. Sweet deal. Love to see a SR in that metallic green of yours.

    Best of luck to all those participating in the raffle!