Saturday, February 12, 2011

FINAL DAY to enter the FREE give away!!


Click the Pay it Forward Banner for more info on why I started this project and if you wish to follow, feel free.

***Please Note, this raffle has no catches, tricks or anything like that. Its FREE to enter the raffle and even costs nothing to relieve your prize should you so win, even world wide. basically, it really is a free give away. Its based on the movie Pay ir Forward where if everyone does n good deeds for each other, the world can become a much better place. To enter all it takes is to be a follower of this blog which I pick winners from randomly.***

Hey Folks! Just thought id let everyone know about the [U]free[/U] give away raffle I'm doing to give back to the community after all the very kind support everyone has shown me. Its made me realize we are one big family so giving back to you guys seems to be the best thing to do for all the support Ive gotten.

All you need to do is be on my list of followers from which I pick winners from randomly out of a hat. But don't let that stop you from posting comments and giving advice. The more advice from the community, the better the blog can become.

The last months raffle went very well. 5 winners including some really nice stuff. This time based on donations for a former winner, a FW worker, a GW store manager and Galaxy Gobbo, this raffle takes the cake by far!

A new website that's going to be opening very soon, Galaxy Gobbo, has been watching the raffle, what I'm doing it all for and liked what they have seen. They have offered to send me one of the shiny new Stormravens.
Also today, when I was getting shipping addresses for the prize winners for the Jan. raffle, an interesting conversation came up with one of them. Farsight, a very cool guy from Utah loved what I was doing here and loves the idea of "paying it forward". So, since he won himself the Warmachine set, and after talking to me about Gobbo sending a Stormraven, he wants to send a little something for that raffle as well. And a wonderful something it is!That's right! Hes sending a set of Mark 5 Heresy armor from Forgeworld and even a pack of Heresy Era Bolters to go with them!
And the bolters to go with them!

So.. the Raffle now has one more item. This will be the last item up for this months raffle but its a neat one. Hes offering a GW Virtual Gift card that will be emailed directly to the winner, allowing them to go straight to GW and buy whatever they want.

It will be for 75 dollars.

Those that aren't familiar with the virtual gift cards, here is the info from GW

Games Workshop Virtual Gift Vouchers

If you want to buy someone a gift but are not sure what to buy or need a gift in a hurry, then our Virtual Gift Vouchers are the perfect solution: allowing the recipient to choose their own gifts from our complete range of products. Once you have purchased a Virtual Gift Voucher it will be instantly delivered, via email, ready for immediate use. You can send multiple vouchers to a single recipient, simply order each separately, entering your chosen recipient's email address.

Games Workshop Virtual Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed online.

* Customizable with a personal message
* Sent immediately via e-mail
* Can be used straight away by the recipient[/quote]

Or a direct link to the GW site here:


So in total now there will be 4 more winners (those that won last month aren't entered into this months raffle). The 4 winners will each pick between:

A new in box, un opened Stormraven
A 5 man set of Mark V Heresy Armor WITH 5 Umbra Bolters to go with them, also from FW.
A $75.00 US Virtual GW gift card.
A brand new unbuilt FW Malcador Tank.

So now we have 4 prizes for the February raffle!

Just like before I will pick 4 random people from my list of followers. Ill email them both and each will send me a priority list of which item they want most, either the Stormraven, the FW Heresy Set, Malcador FW Tank UNBUILT or the 75 dollar Virtual Gift Card. If all 4 people want the same item first, whoever replies first gets it. The other person will get the second item and the 3rd person, the 3rd item and so forth.

Good luck to everyone! (except the winners of last raffle, you guys already won!)

UPDATE!!!!!Ok Folks, as some of you have noticed there have been alot of people offering items they own for the raffle as a way for they themselves to give back. Well,After debating it heavily, I've decided to allow one more person. Its actually a member here who wants to remain anonymously.
Hes offering something that's very one of a kind in this situation. He wants to offer a Malachor Tank from FW. The model itself has been opened and cleaned but nothing has been pinned, glued or any other form of construction. He simply made sure the parts were all there. After switching to Eldar, he offered it to me for the raffle since in his own words "work has been beyond well and its a unit I no longer need and would love to give it to a proper home. He does ask it goes to a Guard player but other then that, things are set.

Again, no email needed, no spam, no mailing lists, simply a way to join up to win free swag and if you want, leave comments on my work as it helps my motivation greatly.

Thanks for listening to my long post and I hope many of you find your way there and win some awesome swag. Plus if this 2nd raffle goes well, the next one will blow you guys away with the amount of AWESOME items that will go up for raffle.


  1. This is a fantastic trend in the hobby community, and I hope it carries over into other aspects of people's lives.

  2. Dun dun duuuun. Good luck people. :)