Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Interview] Joel - Founder of Anvil Industrys

So, next up in the series of Interviews is Joel, from Anvil Industry. Joel has a great line of custom resin shoulder pads. They have a really nice retro/heresy feel to them. Perfect for those making armies set during, before or right after the Horus Heresy. Or for those that just wish to have that retro feel. There will be several reviews on Joels products over the next 2 weeks so stay tuned for those. In the mean time,

MWC: How long have you been into the gaming scene and what got you started?
Joel: Since I was about 10 I think, so well over a decade! I remember my first ever table top battle. I had 10 Catchan jungle fighters and my brother had 10 fantasy dwarfs with axes, the resulting massacre almost put him off the hobby for good!

MWC: Do you play tabletop games? And if so, how often and what are your favorite games and armies?
Joel: I play Warhammer 40k, Imperial guard. I love the guard, there is something about a army of normal men with rifles facing down a galaxy of alien killing machines that  appeals to the "heroic" in me. Now that Im old and alledgedly "responsible" I dont game as often as Id like to, but I find time to keep painting and modelling.

MWC: If you could meet anyone at all in the gaming industry, who would it be and why?
Joel: Dan Abnett, because Ive read every Gaunts ghosts book at least twice.

MWC: When you do any type of gaming, how competitive are you?
Joel: err... not!  Im primarily a modeller, converter and painter, I love the story and background to warhammer 40k and it inspires me to make unique fluffy armies. I play the game to tell the story and have a laugh!

MWC: What do you consider yourself primarily? Painter, modeler, gamer, general purpose dork? 
Joel: Modeller and converter.  I do not own a single model that has not been converted in some way, and many of my models are radically redesigned and scratch built, for example this Ithican Demolisher-


MWC: Was there a special inspiration that got you into modeling/painting in the first place?
Joel: I dont remember, Ive been creative and artistically inclined my whole life, wargaming is one of my favorite outlets for my insane imagination!

MWC:  What is your favorite project you've done?
Joel: The Venice city fight project which a fair few people on Warseer still remember. I started it, made a lot of progress then got derailed by life. I have vowed to return and finish the job!

MWC: Is there a specific type of modeling work you like above others? For example, do you prefer vehicle conversions over infantry based ones?
Joel: Tank Scratch building is what I do best, I also love making gaming board with my Brother, it takes us about a week to turn a massive pile of foam insulation board into any battle field we can dream up!

MWC: Do you like to say, watch TV or listen to music while you model?
Joel: Rarely, I tend to totally focus on what im doing. I get so caught up in the modelling process I have to set alarms to remind myself to eat!

MWC: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Joel: History! You can draw so much inspiration from thousands of years of the history of human warfare!

MWC: What do you find most compelling about starting work on a new miniature or piece?
Joel: I think  the feeling "Oh my god this is going to look so cool when its finnished!!!" is something other war gamers can relate to?

MWC: What are your greatest challenges when working with something new?
Joel: I love experimenting with new materials and techniques, but I tend to rush things, which means I often end up doing it wrong and wasting time putting it right again.


MWC: Who is someone in the modeling field whose work you admire? 
Joel: There are so many inspiring modellers and painters out there its hard to think of just one, but I particularly admire the work of a guy called "hortworth". His stuff is a totally different style to mine, but really amazing. I would also like to give a shout out to everyone on the "Tread Head Tread" on Warseer!

MWC: What it your favorite tip, trick or lesson to share with others? 
Joel: I learn new things all the time, somthing Ive recently figured out is that when working with green stuff, using cooking oil instead of water works really well for smoothing out your work.

MWC: What advice would you give to beginners starting out, or those who don't enjoy painting, to get them more involved or motivated in the activity?
Joel: Always paint your models to the highest standard you can, once you have one really great looking unit sitting on the shelf you can look at it every time you are getting bored of painting the next one!

MWC: How long has your business been around and how much have you seen it grow?
Joel: Anvil Industry is really new, Ive only been doing this for a couple of months, but sales are picking up and Ive got quite a few repeat customers already, so I think Im doing something right.

MWC: What is one of the products you were most excited to release?
Joel: My new cloaks, Im really proud of them.

MWC: What do you think makes your products special or unique?
Joel: I try to offer the best value for money I can for products which are still really high quality. Great customer service is also really important to me.

MWC: Is there anything new you have coming that you could give us some hints about?
Joel: "Angels and Daemons" is the hint, but thats all you're getting, concept artwork will be uploaded to the Anvil Industry facebook page in a week or so.

MWC: When you achieve world domination, what will your headquarters look like? 
Joel: I like to think I'm a classic bad guy, so a hollowed out volcano will do nicely!

Hopfully Joel lets MWC have a spot in that awesome hollowed out volcano!

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