Friday, May 6, 2011

[Lantz's Corner] Quantum Gothic Power Generator Review

Quantum Gothic is one of those new kids on the block; starting to get a good name for itself, but not quite as widely popular as some other shops, yet. Fortunately for them, they hit a milestone. A couple of weeks ago they made a transaction with the greatest customer this world has to offer. No, not Jason Statham, but you're close. It was me. The purchase I made was the above item labeled as a Power Generator. I have some plans in store for this thing, but my thoughts on the purchase are what I'm here for, so let's get to it.

Shipping time was average, nothing to complain about there. When I got the item in the mail, it was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and in fewer pieces than I thought it would be in:

As you can see the Power Generator is made up of the generator, two caps and four bolts to keep it held to the ground:

Upon first inspection, these pieces are clean. And I mean sparkling clean. No flash, dents or intrusions, and the flat surfaces are smooth to the point of reflection:

Looking at it a bit closer there are a few areas that need to be shaved a tad around the base, but by far it is the cleanest mold I've purchased:

Now the plans I have in store for this thing are going to require me to dremmel the crap out of it, but I temporarily pieced it together so you all can see it in all of its glory:

Very solid piece
Little to no cleanup work needed
Good detail
Good price

If I come across any, I'll let you know

Quantum Gothic is quickly making headway on making a name for itself in the miniatures community, and with good reason. If this model is any indication to the rest of their line of models, you'll be very pleased with anything you purchase from them. Leaps and bounds ahead of the competition on little cleanup needed, and with their prices stationed from fair to dirt cheap, Quantum Gothic is a store you'll want to keep on your list.

~Lantz aka Sinaura

For size comparison


  1. I had seen them on line and like the look of them. Thanks for the review. Any chance you could take a picture next to some figure, say some marines and a rhino, just to really help with seeing it in scale?

  2. Done.

    I didn't have a Rhino with me, but a Space Marine and a Leman Russ chasis should do.

  3. Thanks. I shall get one or two of those.