Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pay It Forward Update

Ive had to redo the list of followers for the actual drawing. I cant find the others.. Its a lot of names to write and i only just hit half way. The drawing will take place tomorrow at noon, I apologize for any inconvenience.

** I will post the winners here tomorrow at noon as well as email them if its viewable in their profiles. If the profile is private ill wait for an email from the winner. All winners should send me the address that the prize will be shipped to and ill forward the info to the 3 donators for this month as they are the ones shipping direct to the winners. **


  1. I did check back here, actually, and I did get a bit confuzzled.

    Ah, no worries. with 1224 followers, it's going to take a while :P

  2. Are you going to email the winners or post it?

  3. No worries, bud, I'm just glad it's still on. And are the winners going to be first-come-first-serve, or will there be a specific Warhound winner, battleforce winner, etc?

  4. @Faolain, probably both, the winners have a while to reply before their cut out

    @Philip A. When the people win they send in a list showing which prize they want most and in what order. MWC then puts their names in another bowl, and the first picked out of that bowl gets priority

    This is exciting, and don't worry, it's understandable with so many names if it takes a while. Also MWC can you tell us your e-mail again for all those people such as myself who forget what it was please?

    Good Luck Everyone

  5. " Please Stand By "

    Phew , almost gave me a heart attack. Thought the Zombie Apocalypse had kicked in and ruined the contest :]

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  7. All this and Bin Laden was killed by the CIA. C'monnnnnnn raffle magic!