Monday, May 2, 2011

[Thoughts of a Herb] Well, Hello there!

OK, guy's, good morning! Or afternoon, or evening, or... whatever.

I'm Tarragon and I'll be writing this blog post today for your enjoyment.

I'm naming all my posts with *Thoughts of a Herb*, for two reasons
A) Because Tarragon is a herb. It has an aniseed taste and goes quite well with fish.
B) Because it's funny!

Anyway, I guess you want to know who I am? Some of you may already be thinking "OK, who is this guy?". Well, I'm a 40k player from England. That is all. What? You want to know more? OK, I have 3000 points of Orks, aiming for 2500 points of Grey Knights and Daemons, intending for about the same of Tyranids afterwards, and writing some grand fluff the entire way through.

Also, I am actually on the AdMech fandex fluff writing team. For more details, go and check out Lantz's posts on the subject, but I can tell you that I'm really excited about the final result and how it will turn out.

Anyway, for a first post, I think I ought to make it ABOUT something. It's no use me waffling of to no apparent purpose. S, I'm going to talk about building lists in a 40k army. That sounds good? Good, let's go...

So, What do I do when building lists? First of all, I tend to break down my codex into sections. What sections, I hear you ask? Well, I see which units are designed for which roles within the army. I'll use the Grey Knight codex as an example.

First, we need an HQ and 2 Troops. I've decided I want an in-your-face style army. So for my HQ, I want either a direct melee fighter, or a melee support figure. Basically, the librarian can be both, the others are all direct melee fighters. So I'm going for a Librarian. I'll give him Might of Titan and Quicksilver for fighting with, and The Summoning if things get out of hand. I'll also give him servo-skulls to help with Deepstriking.

>Might of Titan
>The Summoning
>3 x Servo-Skulls


The 2 Troops. Out of these I want one to be an objective holder, and the other to help the librarian.

For an objective holding squad, I want pure resilience, that "Never say die" Attitude. Enter, Justicar Thawn. I put him with a squad, try to kill him off, move his squad away, bring him back then he can hold the objective on his lonesome. As for his squad, I think they should have a psycannon, a couple of daemonhammers, force swords and him, with psybolt ammo. Psycannon and psybolts for medium-range firepower, Daemonhammers for serious CC anti-armour, Swords to increase survivability in assault. I can use Thawn's halberd for some preemptive strikes against any IC's.

Five-Man Terminator Squad
1 Daemonhammer with Psycannon
1 Daemonhammer
2 Swords


For the squad with the Librarian... The Librarian will make their attacks stronger. Therefore, have as many attacks as possible. Therefore, Falchions. For the special weapon, I'd go Incinerator. Those things are lethal within range.

Five-Man Terminator Squad
5 Falchions
1 Incinerator


Anyway, I feel I have waffled enough for now. So, Shall I explain my own personal Grey Knight list (at 2000 and 2500 points) in my next post? Yes, maybe I should. Assuming I'm not kicked off for inadequate posts, that is :P


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