Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Thoughts of A Herb] Malifaux N00b - Stage One

I'm baaaack!

OK, so I went to the UK Games Expo last Sunday. T'was fun, I saw Alessio Cavatore promoting his new games (Shuuro and Turanga, I've got them already) and got embroiled in a lengthy pitch for starting Warmachine, and got a demo game of that in to boot, and I won it too! (In case you want to know, it was Cygnar vs. Menoth starter boxes, I was Cygnar, went first and got a caster kill in my third turn) I'm leaning towards Cryx...

Anyway, while I was there I also got my Malifaux gear as promised! I got...

  • Legion of Sorrow starter box (contains Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy and 3 Sorrows)
  • Doppelganger
  • Insidious Madness
  • Fate Deck (in purple, to match my faction)
And, like a fool, I've fully assembled and painted them before I remembered to take any pictures! So, sorry for that.

But anyway, my thoughts on the kit...

PRICE: I got the kit for 10% off at the Expo, so that's less than £20 for a solid 25 soulstone list. That is a very reasonable price, in my opinion. The blisters were about on par with the pre-Finecast GW single-model metal blisters (£6 and £7), but that's quite reasonable in my opinion, considering other factors. The Fate Deck I got for free, but at the usual cost of £4.50, these are a bit steep considering you could use a normal deck of cards, but again there are other factors.

VALUE: The amount of models I've bought create a nice, well-rounded 35 soulstone list. The box itself is worth 23 soulstones, and provides a good amount of gameplay. Considering I've bought enought to keep the game interesting for many many moons, this is exceedingly good value!

QUALITY: The models themselves are very nicely sculpted and designed (Baby Kade is positively creepy) and there's very little flash or mold lines to deal with. Granted, some of the flashing is quite awkward to file off, but in any case, these particular instances are also hard to see. The Fate Deck is just amazing, the artwork is fantastic and they look like they could last a good while. The quality is definitely worth the price!

USER FRIENDLINESS: This was a bit of an issue at some parts. The Insidious Madness's tab for the base was about halfway too wide and double the depth. Plus it was quite thick so clipping it down was a chore. As it was, I didn't need the tab bases but it was still a difficult episode. Other than that, it was fairly easy to assemble them. Half the models were single-cast, a couple were in two pieces, one was in three (Pandora) and the Insidious Madness was in five. A few of the joints were quite thin and needed a dab of greenstuff, but most didn't.

VERDICT: I'm very happy with my purchase, and I fully intend to make more! I'll promise to take more pictures next time I get a box set. My friend is getting the Viktorias box set next month, so I'll take pictures then. Once again, sorry!

Anyway, I'll give you pictures of the finished products so far. I've only got the starter box painted, but I'll show you anyway...

Sorrows - Based in white, with varying levels of green drybrushed up the body. Washed with Devlan Mud, and the details picked out; black mouth, red eyes and tongue.

Candy - A creepy little girl with a basket of questionable candy. What's not to like? The blood dripping from the scissors is a thin piece of wire covered in varying levels of gloss varnish, red paint and PVA glue.

Baby Kade - The method of blood is simply red paint and gloss varnish. The streaks of blood on the base are the same grey of the based stippled on just behind, then smudged away from the model.

Pandora - The Master of the crew! I've experimented with a bit of Object Source Lighting from the fire, comment if it worked or not.

Until next time!

P.S. I am on the Wyrd Miniature forums if you wish to know. Same name as here.


  1. Love the pics. I just started Von Schills.

  2. This game has captivated me lately. I started playing with a local group and it has been tons of fun.

    Make sure you listen to Karn's interview on to get a great Pandora tactica.