Sunday, July 31, 2011

MWC Needs Your Help!!

Hey Folks, MWC here and we really need your help. You see, none of us were able to attend Games Day. While we are all sad at the turn of events, we would love it if you, or anyone you know, has or could take pictures of the Heroes of Armageddon board and especially the Steel Legion army. Most notably, the Golgotha super heavy tank that MWC donated and converted.

We would love to have as many pics as we can so to spice it up, we will do a random drawing for each person that donates a picture or 2 (or 3) of the SL army and the Golgotha. We will then draw a name from the entries. The lucky winner gets a 25 dollar GW gift card.

So, lets see that tank!


  1. I am sure I have overlooked it here somewhere, but where do i email pics too?

  2. I have seen the board on a youtube video I watched earlier. If I find it again I'll send it your way.

  3. Hey John! Ashame I couldn't come up to meet you at games day! Pics can be sent to miniaturewargameco AT gmail DOT com