Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Day to vote on the MWC Conversion Contest!!!

Its that time folks! With only 1 day left, until midnight tonight, those that havent voted should! All entries can be found here:

The poll to vote is large and hard to miss on the top right side. I must point out that the poll itself will show proxy servers and multiply illegal votes once it closes, so please, no cheating. Cheating = Disqualification.

For those that didnt get to enter this month, fear not! Next months, starting tomorrow at 8am central US time will be a 40k vehicle comp. More rules will be posted tonight but basically, if it has an armor value, its good to go!

We here at MWC cant wait to see what amazing conversions you folks come up with next month! Go armor values!


  1. What happens if you have no control over voters who use proxy servers? What if you didn't ask for people to do it? That seems unbelievable, but what if?
    What I'm trying to say is, all someone has to do is vote vor the "enemy" multiple times using proxy servers in order to disqualify him. That's not fair, is it?

    Wouldn't it be possible to use a more secure voting system, like, sigining up to be able to vote, with one vote per user? Or not show the results before the voting is closed?

  2. If the poll really shows votes done with proxy servers, I suggest simply subtracting these votes from the entry's total to compare only the real votes. This way 'forced disqualification' could be prevented.

  3. @javoltota - Proxy votes will be taken out. People that used there same IP but signed in and out will be disqualified. As ive wsaid I cant see the IP results for each vote until it closes tonight.

    I do realize that people can ruin another person by proxying but like i said above, proxy votes are taken out.

    The august vehicle contest will have a simple, post your vote in a comment as well as the poll.

    The poll also cant be set as private or I cant see the IP at the end for each vote. Hence, cheaters can cheat and I cant stop them.

    Dont worry, a few bad apples havent ruined anything.