Monday, September 5, 2011

[Guest Post] Children of Perfection - Heresy Era Noise Marine Warband "Defiler"

I wont bore you guys with details. Needless to say I had to sell the army after some problems with pay and some much unwanted identity theft. So, figured id post a picture of this bad boy WIP (basically missing the 2nd pair of small arms but other then that, done.  And I do apologize for the blurry pics. Really crappy lighting and a terrible camera.)

The new owner has taken the time to paint the force and over the next days it will all be showcased along with several other armies from around the net that really fit the bill of heavily converted and highly unique armies.

Tomorrow morning ill go ahead and post the first squad that the new owner was able to finish painting as well as some AMAZING fluff to go with it done by a very talented writer. So until then, enjoy the beast and please do comment as I do hope to someday remake the army for myself as like I said above, selling it wasn't really a choice but a necessity.