Friday, November 4, 2011

[Adept Zero] The case for Adepticon

I just wanted to chime in here for a moment to talk to you about Adepticon.

You get to see incredible stuff like this.

Even if you don't have a ticket, if you live within driving distance, you should go.

All the player slots are filled, and I believe the openings for the team tourney will be gone by the weekend. You should still go.

This may be the year that all of the painting and modeling seminars will also be completely sold out. You should still go.

All the pics in this post were takem by me.


  1. There's something about seeing that many people playing 40k at once that's just awesome. I'll admit, on Sunday afternoon, it sort of takes on that locker room ambience, but seeing people's display boards makes you feel like you belong to something bigger than your own little FLGS.
  2. The models are awesome, and I'm not just talking about the CMON contestants and the dioramas like you see above by Mr. Sabol. Almost every army I saw there, even the ones that were painted poorly, gave me unique perspectives I never would have gathered had I not seen it in person.
  3. You get to put a face to the avatars. I had a really great conversation with Goatboy last year, and I met at least a dozen folks that I knew from the message boards.
  4. Most vendors were offering about 30% off, plus there is no sales tax at the event.
  5. Forgeworld. Enough said.
  6. You get to see people playing FoW, which is always awesome.
  7. All those awesome miniatures at the CMoN store? Yep, they're there.
  8. The GW Battle Bunker is about a 1/2 mile away.
  9. You might meet me, and you might get Zero swag. Stay tuned!
Is it worth going without a ticket to anything if you live far away? Probably not. But if you are anywhere within 60 miles, I'd say some check it out!

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  1. If I may add a 10th reason. Adepticon has hundreds of events running over the weekend. Even with the 40K team and Championship sold out, there is more than enough to keep a gamer busy.