Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Ramblings of Rictus] Looted Chimeras

As i'm a bit stuck at the moment on ideas for articles I thought I would show what I have been working on recently...

Not long ago I sold three Looted Leman Russ tanks, I had them spare and figured I could sell them for more once looted than as second hand Russes. They did quite well so I thought i'd do the same with a couple of spare Chimeras I had knocking around.

I kept things simple and Codex legal.

Looted Wagon 1:

Looted Wagon 2:

I decided not to give the second Wagon a krewman, instead the hatch is left unglued so one can be added later if the owner decides he wants one.

More pictures can be found on my blog Recalcitrant Daze and the blog also includes a link to the eBay auctions if you are interested in picking one of them up.

I'm going to take a short break from Orks now as I need a break from Looting. Hopefully inspiration will hit for the next article as well...

Untill the next time.

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  1. Very Nicely Done. Glad i stumbled on your Blog. I am adding you to my Blog list.

    Keep up the great work and GO ORKS!