Saturday, May 5, 2012

And the winners are....

Sorry for the delay in getting the announcement out.  Not like you couldn't see by looking at the voting but the confirmation is...

1st place to Mark Hoffman and his properly proportioned Stormraven.  Compensation that Forgeworld and ChapterHouse both had the same idea come in the form of a $100 Gift Certificate to Kabuki Models, a 1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures and a $25 Gift Certificate to Secret Weapon Miniatures.  This conversion showed everything a quality bit of work should, great attention to details, a cohesive overall style, and a re imagining that is still easily recognizable.  The crap ton of magnets that means you can easily transport it does help too.

2nd place goes to David Alcón Kombo and his Khorne spider scorpion thing.  Yeah, I don't do chaos.  Again nice work, well put together with lots of details without anything being superfluous.  This work will be getting him a $25 Gift Certificate to a FLGS, a 1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures  and a $25 Gift Certificate to Secret Weapon Miniatures.  This thing will probably show up in some people's dreams.

3rd place goes to Alexandre Dumillard with one of several chaos dreadnoughts we received.  A fine bit of work that wins him  $15 Gift Certificate to VoodooWorx and a 1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures You can see the amount of time that must have been put into this model just be the huge array of details added.

And Lastly...
Of course there is another prize, the staff pick.  And this would be the one selection that is a surprise.  Our staff choice goes to Kyle Kelly.   Another of the dreadnought submissions with some humble beginnings.  Anytime something starts based on AoBR stuff it is going to need a lot of work, that set is kind of the blank palette of 40K conversions.  The result here has a lot of character, with the crushed dread sarcophagus being a good finishing touch.  Kyle gets himself a $25 Gift Certificate to Wargames Factory.

So to wrap up this one, the winners can be expecting emails shortly so we can sort out distributing the prizes.  We had a really great run of entries this time.  A few of my other personal favorites were Scott's looted wagon for hitting exactly what I imagine boom gun to look like.  Igor for re-purposing a very common model so well it was barely recognizable.  William for giving me ideas on a conversion I've been meaning to do. And, Pär for showing that all GK rifle dreads don't have to look the same.  We were all impressed with the quality and range of entries.

We are already working on a new batch of prizes so we can run another comp again soon.  If you have an undying need to try and win stuff now though, I want to put the word out to a couple of Podcasts that did the same for us on this competition.  The excellent folks over at Screaming Heretic have four competitions running at the moment which can net cases, bitz and even GenCon tickets.  The podcast is well worth your time, covers a range of games and regularly embarrasses me by making me laugh at work.  Secondly, the insurmountable Overlords have a couple of competitions running, but are also rapidly approaching their 100th episode and keep hinting at special things afoot.  Probably new jingles.  It's a fluffy 40K podcast that is always in my rotation.

Lastly, a big thank you again to all our sponsors for the generous prizes, thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, and to the various sites, podcasts and stores that gave us a shout out.  Keep tuned to this station for our next competition.


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  1. Great post Marcus and congratulations to all the entrants. I really liked that you all gave it a real good go and no conversion was just a bits bash.