Thursday, June 7, 2012

[Wappellious] Bringing the Angels Solarus to life!

For those of you who have been following the blog, you have already seen the introduction of the Angels Solarus, a Blood Angels splinter chapter.

In addition to the horde of infantry created for this army, I also painted numerous vehicles and dreadnoughts.  I believe there were three Forgeworld speeders, two Baal Predators, six dreadnoughts, and five dreadnought drop pods.  Oh yeah, and a Stormraven!  Those will all be finding their way to the blog. :-)
This is a bit of a taste of things to come on the blog...


  1. They're incredible.

  2. Gorgeous paintjob and a pleasant scheme. One of the few homebrew chapter ideas that isn't dreary, defunct or plain daft. Looking forward to pics of more!

  3. This is AMAZING. refreshing new paintscheme and lovely colors, excellent transitions.. I am baffled.


  4. Good work that man! Excellent paint job, look forward to seeing more.

  5. Superb paint work, raelly nicely done. Amazing how cool an effect airbrushes can give!

  6. Actually, there were no airbrushes harmed in the making of these dreads or pods. :-)

    What might be giving that impression is the weathering powders, which brush on incredibly smooth! There has been a temptation for me to start grinding up my pastels and use them on miniatures... as in painting a mini entirely with pastel dust...

    1. Wow, actually I thought the blending (e.g. the drop pod) was all done with an airbrush, if not then that is even more impressive!!