Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MWC Blog Post Spotlight - 02

Drkmorals here and you may know me from such posts as "Grey Knights counts as Grey Knights" and "Converting a Golden throne in your bathroom" However this week let's get on with the spotlight post.

Our hobby tends to be full of very creative people with mad skillz and talents. Every week I run across several things that are cool, interesting, unique, or awesome. Here is one such post.

This week I wanted to shout out Mr Pink over at Faeit 212

Faeit 212 is pretty well known for its news, and constant updates. Natfka runs a tight ship over there and is a stand up guy if you have never chatted with him online. Mr. Pink is a guest author and has been doing a series on sculpting and working with green stuff. He is on his third post. The post talks a bit about several methods to get a desired result and overall is a great read if you haven't seen it yet. Not to mention if it really strikes your fancy you should also go back and take a look at the other two posts. Fantastic work Mr. Pink.   How to Sculpt 3: Sculpting Skills

Have a great blog post you want considered for highlight or see something amazing you want to nominate. Feel free to drop me a email Drkmorals AT and point me in the right direction for consideration.


  1. Seriously, Mr. Pink's own site, Modern Synthesist link: has all 4 articles up. It's a sin he's only sitting at 39 followers.

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

    1. Very good point I had no idea, He will have one more follower here shortly. Great guy. Thanks Krisken.

  2. Advertise yourself ...

  3. glad to see the community of good blogs working together to get the word out.