Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Arid's Anomalies] - Necron Command Barge/Annihilation Barge Magnetisation tutorial!!

Hey folks.

Yup, I got bit by the metal- man bug. Those awesome new models and rules finally tore me away from my White Scorpions, and so here I sit, surrounded by half build robots and bits of glowy green plastic.

These new Necron plastic kits have one recurring theme; dual kits. Whether its Immortals/Deathmarks, Praetorians/Lychguard, or Ghost Ark/Doomsday Cannon, GW have decided to combine the two units into one sprue, and whichever unit you decide to build, there will be a lot of bits leftover. While this could mean more bits for our bitsbox (and lets be honest, who doesn't love the "shaka shaka" noise of a full and healthy bitsbox?), for the more... tightfisted of us, having the ability to swap out and change up our units from one to the other is a boon, and in my opinion, none more-so than the Command/Annihilation Barge. So, I therefore present to you my first tutorial!! YAAAY

Bear with me.....

Step 1:
Buy/Grab the necessary kit:

...and my mitts....
  • Necron Command/Annihilation Barge
  • Magnets, I use Neodymium 2x1mm round magnets for all my magnetisations, which I got here, but you can use something else if you think it will do the same job.
  • Pin Vice, obviously with a 2mm bit and a smaller one for paperclips.
  • Paperclips
  • Paint and Brush
  • Greenstuff
  • Scalpel/Modelling knife
  • Super Glue
  • Tea/Coffee/Beer/Tequila/Yaks Milk or whatever you want to drink, you decide I'm not your mother jeez

Step 2:
Assemble the model up until this step here:

Note that I left off the pilot/gunner console for ease of painting.

Step 3:
Get out your pin vice, and drill two holes with your 2mm bit between, and a little behind the two slotta holes made for the command console, as shown below:

Then, with your knife, hollow out the hole a fraction more, just so you can get the magnets in a little easier. Do not go overboard here or else you will have a helluva time getting your magnets to stay in place. You should end up like this:

Now, you will notice three little plugs where the base for the Tesla cannons slot onto (you can see two of them on the left and right on the photo above), the rearmost one, i.e the one you cant see there ^^, cut off and drill your last 2mm hole where it sat previously. You should now have three holes ready to accept your magnets!!

You may be wondering why I didn't decide to just put the magnets where the three plugs sit, the reason being that I wanted as secure a fit as possible, and so the extra sturdiness given by having those two other plugs there was a good choice.

Step 4:
Now, take 6 magnets, and separate them into three sets of two. Grab your paint and paintbrush, and on the sides where the magnets are attached and attracted to each other, put some paint. This way, when gluing them in, you wont forget which way they go and end up with the magnets repelling each other rather than attracting, which would be a bit of a mess!!

Using your scalpel, pick up one of the magnets with the paint side facing the metal of the blade, then glue it into one of the holes. Take one magnet from each of your three pairs and glue them into each of the holes you have drilled but remember to have the paint facing up!! Like so:

I hadn't done the rear plug at this point, because I was working out how to do it as I went.

Step 5:
Now, take the base from the tesla cannons, and add a dot of paint to each of the already glued in magnets. Place the tesla base on top, slotting the plugs into the holes on the sides, and you will now have the exact place where to drill you next holes for your other magnets! Drill them out (be careful, the base isn't very thick and you dont want to drill all the way through) and then glue in your magnets, remembering to glue them paint side up again and you should have something like this:

My paint rubbed off on my fingers. Sorry.
And now, ta-da! You have a removable tesla destructor for when you want to blast your opponents troops into smithereens!!

Step 6:
Now, for the command console. Where the little plastic pins sit on the underside of the console, is where we a re going to put in our paperclip pins so that the console can stand up without falling over, like so:

I would also advise drilling the holes on the barge itself a little deeper, and using a longer paperclip than I have done to make it that much more sturdy. And so:

Ta-da! You now have your very own changeable barge, ready for any occassion!!

Let me know what you think, and remember and follow my blog here for more of my new Necrons and other witterings!!

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