Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Lantz's Corner] CorSec Engineering Omni-Ruler Review

Welcome back ladies and gents. Lantz here with another product review from a store I doubt too many of you have heard of. CorSec Engineering is an up-and-comer website started in early 2010 with bases for Aerodrome type of games.Currently they've expanded into gaming mats, measuring tools, terrain, templates and an expanded product line of bases all with more focus on the same game types. Today I'm going to be reviewing an item that can be used in all manner of tabletop gaming; their genius Omni-Ruler. Join me after the jump to see what this store and product are all about.

CSE's website is pretty basic. It has all of the essentials; a contact page, an "About Us" page, a blog to keep up with what they're working on. There's some added content with a wargaming blog and a tutorials section which is pretty fun.
The webstore is what I would define as humble. Though this isn't an insult; for a smaller product range there's no need to clutter up your webpage with needless amounts of content. Not much to say here, it's a simple webstore that's well organized.

Shipping prices were a bit high in my opinion. Anything over four dollars for a package where the employees at my apartment complex state "Is there anything even in here?" is a bit steep in my book. The shipping time and protection was great, though, coming in a bubble-wrap-lined envelope for this item:

Inside my items were in a small plastic baggy seen here. There is some scratches in the paint from travel and now use, but it'll take a long while before it's pretty noticeable as the paint job really is quite durable:

Each section of this measuring device is exactly one inch in length and screws together very neat and tight. The Omni-Ruler is made of metal and comes in a ridiculous amount of color choices. Rather than going rainbow and furthering the rumors that I've read and enjoyed the Twilight book series (it's true,) I decided to go army-colors here for my Necrons:

As you can see the accuracy of length does not disappoint:

I was skeptical of the accuracy before I got the product, in all honesty. If each section is even slightly incorrect, you start tossing 5-11 more sections on top of that the "slight imperfection" grows into an unusable product. Fortunately, these are 100% accurate to an inch:

Easily navigated webstore
Product is completely accurate
Shipping time is above average

Paint will show some wear'n'tear with use
Shipping cost is a bit high

Overall I'm pleased with this product and plan to buy more of them. Since you can buy them in sections, they're the perfect compliment to your army's colors. I myself, like my dice purchases, plan on buying an Omni-Ruler for each of my armies in their respective colors. If you're looking for something simple in the way of measuring devices and find a ruler or measuring tape to be a bit bulky, I suggest looking into this product.

As always, if you're curious as to what I do with the products I review, click the link above!

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