Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bits and Kits - Confirmed Donator for the April Give Away

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to confirm that Bits and Kits will be making a donation for the April Give Away of a modeling "starter" kit. I dont have specifics yet but its likely to be a convertor/modelers tool kit, clippers,knife,pin vice,saw,vice glue, bits box,tweezers etc.

I will get the exact list up as soon as I find out. But who knows, the donation may change to something else but im sure that there are many (and I do mean many) people out there that need a good set of tools for the hobby they already have to spend so much on as the prices keep rising.


  1. Yay, nice one Bits and Kits :)

  2. that is a great offer!! He is often a responder to the Heresy website....I enjoy reading his comments.

  3. Big 'hey mate' from Aus :) just wanted to say what you're doing here is brilliant - love it. I will follow and put you on my blogroll. and probably pop a blog post in about you aswell, though I only have a couple followers myself. that don't read often hehe.

    As a bit of feedback I had a bit of difficulty working out how to enter, and had to go back through some old posts to work it out - it might be worth having a quicklink on how to enter and how to donate :)