Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Completed Chaplain and Honor Guard

Finished the Honor Guard for the Chaplain. As with all units each has a different head and mix of armor style. For this squad I did go with the same style power plants and right skull shoulder pads. As with all elite units in the army, they have gold helmets as well. The small creature/familiar thing with the priest is a "token" for me to show the unit having furious charge. When the priest dies, the ability goes away and as such so will the little guy. I like how he looks up at the skull chalice thats spilling blood. The drill counts as a power fist and the rest of the unit is armed with 2 Inferno pistols and 4 power weapons. In game they will ride around in the Stormraven along with the CC Dread.


  1. This squad looks ace. :) Would we be able to get a group shot of your army as it stands now (painted elements, of course)? Cheers.

  2. Well, now this is a jewell. Freaking awsome work.

  3. Hey,
    I'm new to the blog and just checking out the Sons of Horus stuff now. Looks great and I like the way the blue on the power weapons stands out from the unit. They really add that kick that the models needed with all that green.

    The little guy as part of the squad is great too ahaha