Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finecast Picture Submissions - Send in yours now!

That's right, MWC wants your help once again. This time around we're asking for your submissions of GW's Finecast products. Simply submit your pictures of the models unbuilt or built (or even painted if you'd like) to miniaturewargameco (at) gmail (dot) com. When submitting your pictures, please include your name or nickname you would like posted with your picture(s). Our goal for this project is to create a database of the new products so the community can look at what they're going to get before they buy it. This database will include pictures of the product, reviews from us here at MWC and our followers to spread the knowledge and experiences with each product.

So get those pictures sent and take part in helping out your fellow wargamer! And hey, if you get several submitted, there may be a little gift for your help!


  1. Sent you a photo, hope its what you need. :)

  2. Didnt recieve it. Send it to ?

  3. Have sent you pics of the SM Techmarine & Servitors set including pics of box art, sprues and Made up models, the the SM Vanguard Veterans Box set including Box art, and Sprues (Ive not made this one yet), I will be updating my blog soon with pics of the painted techmarine and Servitors soon.


  4. Sorted it out, should be with you now. :)