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First of the MWC Readers Finecast Submissions!

Well folks, we have the first of the Finecast Submissions in as well as the reviews that go with some of them (and links to the appropriate blogs)

First up we have Rushputin's review on Queek, an awesome Skaven character model. (The original full review can be read here )

As expected, the doom-and-gloom hasn't really born out.  It's not death-resin, for which I'm thankful,
and the kits seem decent enough.  I've read about some serious casting issues, but nestled in the concern-trolling in that thread, there seem to be about as many okay experiences as bad ones.

I know a lot of people read Kirby's early review of
"they're just as meh as expected," as "this stuff's terrible."  That's not how I read it, or how my experience has been; it's meh, not because it's bad but because it's meh.  Neither terrible, nor great.  I imagine that could be read as a failure, I guess.

I've got to admit to being extremely annoyed by people bitching about Finecast in terms of their Forgeworld experiences well before actually seeing any of it.  I'm all for complaining about legitimate stuff but, when you don't know actually what you're talking about...
you don't know what you're talking about.  (Never mind that that's what the internet's for.)

Anyway, I picked up Queek.

As you can see, there's a ton of flash.  Soo much flash.  There were also a few bubbles; some immediately apparent, some revealed themselves as I trimmed away flash.

It felt like there was a considerably more work to be done in prepping this mini than there would be if it were metal... but that all of that work was much, much easier.

All of that flash came up very, very easily.  All but one set of bubbles filled in with super glue without any hassle.  There's a bit of spine on the trophy rack that really just needed some green stuff, but it's still less green stuff than I normally need to use on a metal mini.

I'd say that, in terms of assembly, it's roughly break-even between Finecast and metal.  More to do, less trouble doing it.  I hate working with metal, though, and the lack of a need to pin makes me feel like I'm coming out ahead.

Those Canis defects do look pretty horrible, though; it's definitely worth checking out the casting before buying any Finecast.  On the bright side, GW's always had great customer service: I'm sure they'll take care of shitty Finecast minis the same way they've taken care of mispacks and warped sprues.

I'm definitely going to have to go back and pick up a Finecast Skulltaker: the immense weight of that bastard has been a big obstacle in my making progress on the Skulltaker Chariot.  This stuff's really light; a Finecast Skulltaker won't weigh anything. 

Again, the full review can be found here .

Next up we have a great review on not only the Space Marine Techmarine and Servitor set but also on the box of Vanguard Assault Marines: (Full review can be found here as well)

So anyway, I grabbed myself the Space Marine Techmarine & Servitors Set, the set was £25.50, so a little pricey, but hey what the heck I was treating myself, the first thing I noticed when I picked up the box was how light it was.

So off I went to pay for my item, and Michelle (she who must be obeyed-SWMBO) said is that all you want? why not get another one!, Yes my luck was in, so I looked at the other sets available, the only other ones released so far that I wanted were the Sternguard Veterans and the Vanguard Veterans, I opted for the Vanguards for no other reason than I like the look of them.

Another £25.50, I was being treated today, especially when she reminded that I needed some more Chaos Black Spray.

  So purchases in hand, and after promises given to fit the new garden lighting in tomorrow for her (see everything has a price!) we left to go back home, I didn't bother to hang around and see what else was being played and painted like I normally do, as the store was actually crowded, and I got fed up of people kicking my walking stick!

So back at home I opened up the boxes to have a look inside, here are the contents of the Techmarine & Servitors box:
The old style blister is inside, with different parts put into little plastic bags.
The Techmarines Servo-harness Arms, there seems to be loads of mold lines and excess resin.

The Backpack and arms of the Techmarine, and boy they do look incredibly detailed, compared to metal models the details appear very crisp and easily distinguishable.

One of the Servitors, again nicely detailed, but lots of flashing to clean off, remember though no files on this, it will dig into the model easily, just use the back of a craft knife to scrape it off or you hands, most bits rub off.


 Some reports on these on other sites I have read reported bubbles in the resin, but I haven't noticed any here.

So that's the Space Marine Techmarine & Servitors box set from Citadel Finecast, my first impressions are good, they are light, but strong (I dropped one accidentally onto a hard surface with no adverse effects) I will be able to tell you more once I put them together, but thus far the detail on these models is impressive, I like the fact that you can easily tell what is what on these models, I sometimes got a little confused when looking at the silver metal models, It wasn't always clear to me, with the silver metal parts sort of blending into each other, it wasn't until I sprayed them black that I could make sense of the details if you know what I mean.

So onto the Vanguard Veterans, again another neat little box with 5 figures in, again the same high level of details, and also the same amount of mold lines and flashing, Also noticed no transfers in either of these sets, so here is the content of the box for this one:

So that's it for now, so far I have been impressed with the sets very much, I like em a lot, but miss the weighty feel of the metal models, somehow they just gave me the impression of quality being heavy.

I will update you all once they are built up, and throughout the painting process.

All of his reviews (as well as a great blog), including the start of painting can be found here:

And to round out today's Finecast items, we have Mr Feral and his submitted Chaos Raptors. His blog can be found here . If you like chaos, his blog is the place to check out!

So, that's some of the first submissions from yesterday. if you or anyone you know has pictures of their own Finecast purchases, please do share with us at MiniatureWargameCo (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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  1. Finecast looks phenomenal. I just wish it was cheaper than the metal equivalent. Well done on a balanced, honest review. So far I've used the Finecast phenomenon as an excuse to slag GW sales policy off, but I think the shift from metal is absolutely great!