Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoutout! Warflakes 40knoob Competition!

One of the members of the MWC Hub is having a bit of a competition/give away that we thought you guys and gals would like to know about and possibly take part in! Ill let Warflake fill you guys in!

I recently hit 50 followers and thought in celebration I would hold a contest. What I want from you to be entered into the contest is to make a blog post about your favorite mini you either own or wish you owned and then leave a comment on the competition post or email me. There's no limitations on what kind of mini, it can be from whatever wargaming platform you desire. You have until end of July to enter and the winner will be determined randomly to keep it fair. -Warflake
So, go post your favorite mini now and get a chance to win one sweet ork! Click the image above or simply click here to get started!

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