Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July to all our American Readers + a Sneak Peak!

This post isn't just a happy 4th but rather a small sneak peak of an upcoming project for live strong! Its going to be heavily converted and modded out into a pre heresy proto-type predator annihilator. Ill remove the front mounted heavy bolter and replace the sponsors with actual marine lascannons. Additional details will be added to make it look as those its a precursor to the MK1 Predator.

Tomorrow morning ill have up the first 5 man Heirs of Horus Sternguard fully completed, and based. Also, a team of amazing fluff writers have been helping greatly with the fluff for the HoH, namely a great name change as well as stuff as to how the recruit since they operate in imperial space ala the Alpha Legion by raiding and recruiting.

See you guys then! Oh and click the banner above and join the conversion contest! Only 2 and a 1/2 weeks left.

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  1. Awesome, that conversion sounds fantastic! Speaking of Livestrong, I've put brush to model again on the Daemon Prince this week and got another good chunk done (I pretty much started again... Sorry for the delay, I kinda lost momentum with it when it came to painting the Daemon's flesh.

    I'll shoot you blokes an email now about the Titan also.