Thursday, September 1, 2011

August MWC Vehicle Conversion COntest Winners and rules for Next Months Free for All!

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Alright folks! Its that time again for the winners of this months Vehicle Conversion Contest to be announced!

Ill get right to it!

Coming in at 3rd place is: Inquisition Valkyrie

Coming in at a close 2nd place is: Land Raider Crusader

And finally, the #1 conversion for the 2nd monthly contest is: Imperial Guard Chimera

All winners should contact us at the email listed in the upper right of the blog. We will then get the prizes ordered and sent out to you lucky winners.

On the staff entry front, both 1st and 2nd place go to our very own Lantz! While Lantz cant win any prizes, he does get the bragging rights as being once again the best MWC converter! Go Lantz! Though watch out this month as I have some plans!

So as for next month, Lantz was kind enough to write up the rules for September. This one is for EVERYONE to have a chance to enter. Tell your friends, family and anyone else you know. Spread the word on your blogs, forums message boards and even in your local gaming groups. You may ask, why should I spread the word, well, the more entries the more contests we will continue to hold each month. So the september conversion contest rules will be posted shortly. but to give you guys and gals an idea:

Any conversion can be entered. GW, Warmachine, really any game system. Even complete sculpts, and conversion that go to no game system at all are allowed. Each person is allowed to entries. The conversion must have a pic taken with the MWC page in the background or even just a printed paper with the logo.

The winner will recieve a 100 dollar giftcard to any webstore they choose. Most likely chaosorc here in the US and wayland in europe. But really any webstore the winner chooses is ok. with the wide ranging rules, we hope there will be a large turnout. If so, there will be several small prizes for peoples choice, best sculpt, best conversion etc. Wtih of course there being an overall top winner.

So, spread the word. The contest ends October 1st.

Full rules will be posted tonight and then again tomorrow.

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  1. Does it half to be a current conversion or is an older work acceptable?