Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Arid's Anomalies] - An Introduction

Hello, lovely ladies and gentlemen of the world wide interwebs. I am AridMonk, and you get to read my ramblings on MWC now that Matt very generously asked me to be a staffer on here. So if I wither, blither or otherwise dither, you know to blame him. :D

Yes lady readers, I am this good looking...
So, now to fill you in on my blogging background... um, well...

There isn't any. I am very very new to the blogging scene. As of six months ago I thought a blog was where emotionally challenged teens went to vent their frustrations about their tyrannical parents 'cos they didn't let them wear all that black makeup to school/children's parties/grandma's funeral.

I didn't know that there was such a plethora of wonderful, wargaming filled blogs where talented guys would show off their wares to their equally talented brethren in a cacophony of plastic glue, resin and paint; where rapturous groups of ecstasy riddled individuals would heap praise upon the alters of the model gods; where skill, effort and raw talent coalesced into a wonderful mix of pure brilliance and were rewarded with the ooh's, aah's and soft intakes of breath of their followers; where giants amongst men stood tall and proclaimed to the sea of people that it was time to cast off the shackles of the oppressive mould-line overlords and declare to the world "Look at my brilliance, and be amazed!!" and where... and where.....

Oh, I uh, *ahem*, I seem to have gotten carried away there. Basically, what I am saying is, I was wrong. I came across a friend of mines blog, after ridiculing him for starting one. After a while, I relented and read it, and I was impressed. I read a few more, coming across here and places like Reds Corps and Warflakes and decided that maybe it was time to get my own. And so AridMonk's Mechanicum was born!

My own wargaming experiences started when I was in my first year of Secondary School (in Scotland you start that when you are about 12/13) and went along to the little club that resided therein. After seeing some of the older kids' space marines, and after hearing that they were 8 foot tall killing machines who wear nigh unbreakable armour, spit acid and could tear my English teacher Mrs Gray in half, I was hooked. That next weekend I went to my local Games Workshop with my saved up pennies and bought my first tactical squad.

99% sure she was a Daemon

That was now 10 years ago, and after a 2 and a bit year hiatus to concentrate on my work and sporting careers, I decided to come back. I currently have a couple of ongoing projects, the main one being my White Scorpions for Warhammer 40,000, as well as being one of the guys behind the Blood Ravens Charity Army Build

As I mentioned, I'm still a bit fresh to the whole blogging game, but if you'll forgive my lack of experience, I hope to show off some of my work, as well as provide some news and reviews as best I can. Indeed, in the next day or so look out for my review of Dreadfleet, something I am having a ridiculous amount of fun with. In the meantime, you can look me up on Facebook and we can chat about the hobby.

Until next time!


  1. Your English teacher's a babe. Hook me up!

  2. She would eat you alive mate. ;)

  3. Yeyh! Dreadfleet :>
    be looking forward to that.