Friday, October 14, 2011

Contest Winner and Necrons Leaked!

First, I'd like to apologize on the behalf of MWC for the delay on announcing the contest winner and starting up the contest for October (which looks like it will probably be delayed at least to November.) Things happening behind the scenes and whatnot. Anywho, before I get to the real important issue at hand (see diagram above,) here's the winner for September's MWCMCC!

Congrats to you, Jan. Please email us with the same email address you submitted your entry with to claim your prize!

Now on to the good stuff. To my delight I woke up this afternoon (partially because I'm lazy and partially because I work nights) to find some Necron goodies leaked for my enjoyment. Now, if you know me even slightly you'll know I'm without question the biggest fan of Necrons ever to walk this planet. I don't care who you are or if you've gotten a tattoo of a Warrior skull on your eyelid; I'm a bigger fan, sorry to break it to you.

So naturally I'll have to review all the new sneak peeks we've witnessed this evening. This will help hold me over until we can get a Codex: Necron review going (and it's a'coming.) All pictures stolen borrowed from BoW. Be sure to click the pictures for a better view.

Flayed Ones
First up, an old favorite of mine, and even more-so after reading FoD, Flayed Ones. A trend you'll start to see is that these new models are a lot more dynamic than their previous counterparts. This holds true to the Flayed Ones above. Every pose is different, and some have skulls or corpses donned on their person. A few things I'm noticing that seems odd is the changes to some of their bodies, but not all. The top left one has what looks like a generator on his back and the legs of a velociraptor while the one on the top right has an extension to one leg that seems not-very Necron-ee. Maybe these will be wargear options?

As far as dynamic poses go, once again the Immortals are far from that description. I don't really blame the sculptor for this, though. There's only so many ways one can hold a weapon similar to a Heavy Bolter in girth. One thing that can be said for uniqueness is their weapons themselves. They're looking a lot more complex and interesting than before. Also, the obvious statement to be made here is confirmation of wargear options!

Triarch Praetorians
Here's a new unit for you! Looking at the models these guys are obviously an assault-type of unit per the arm-mounted weapon and dual-dagger type of melee device or donning a two-handed glaive of some sort. I'm tempted to ask if this sculptor had Grey Knights in mind when creating these guys. One thing I can't get over is that tail... The only thing with a tail previously was the Wraiths, but that's arguable since they had no legs. I'm personally not a fan of these models as a whole, but seeing something built for melee tickles my rupture button.

Here we have the Tomb Kings Necron Lychguard who appear to be another melee-focused unit. The shields are a bit much in my opinion. Maybe I'm just used to the hordes of shambling no-name robots, but these guys are decorated better than a Grey Knight Paladin. The poses for these are superb as well, though. And at least there's no tails... One thing I'm noticing is almost every unit has something on their person that resembles a Rez Orb which may give way to the rumors that We'll Be Back rolls will be a 5+ on anything, even Power Weapons and Instant Death.

While I'm not a fan of any of the sniper units in the game currently (save the GKs,) I'm a huge fan of this model. Not much info has been leaked about a sniper unit for the Necrons, but it seems pretty apparent that's what these guys are. I absolutely love the single-eye. I mean, a sniper really doesn't need two eyes; it's just wasteful. This is why the Necrons are of supreme technology and why Space Marines snipers still have a Ballistic Skill of 3.

Okay, I've gotta ask. What is with the metal pigtails? I realize Necrons don't need to be aerodynamic, but come looks ridiculous. You can be sure my robot-zombies won't be showing these off any time soon. Anywho, the first question is is there a difference between Lords and Overlords? Only time will tell. As for the models the one on the left looks fantastic in every way (except the pigtails,) while the one on the right is in a pretty static pose, though the details are still phenomenal compared to the current line.

Special Characters
In all honesty, the Stormlord is just how I pictured him from FoD...except once again for those damned pigtails. We see him in the typical Necron pose called "I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you darn kids!" As for Trazyn, I would guess he's a psyker. His armour looks like it has a Psychic Hood. His pose is boring, but without knowing his fluff (he could have been a grandpa back in the fleshy days) I'll hold my judgement on this guy.

This model bothers me a tad. Something about a Necron at a computer console rubs me the wrong way. The most advanced technology in the world still uses a touchscreen like my phone? Really? Even the Adeptus Mechanicus jack their brains into their computers. Either way the details on this thing are fantastic. One question I have is the giant cannon in the smaller picture, is that the Doomsday weapon we've all heard about?

Doomsday Ark
Well that answers that question... For what might look like a transport, this thing upon closer inspection looks like a simple skimmer with a giant ass cannon on it. Once again we have a Necron at a console, which still bothers me a bit, but something that catches my attention is above that pilot we have another Rez Orb looking item. We'll Be Back on vehicles, maybe? We'll see. Something else that stands out is the Gauss on this vehicle doesn't have the green see-through bars we all know and love. I'll be quite annoyed if I have to end up replacing all my green rods with non-see-through ones to match the rest of my army...

Ghost Ark
I'm still not sure how I feel about Necrons on viking boats, but it looks like I better get used to the idea. This thing looks to have all the same features as the Doomsday Ark, yet will be the rumored transport vehicle for infantry (what looks to be 10-11 bodies total depending on if we're including the pilot.) Overall a great sculpt, though I'm a little frightened about how much of a pain this will be to put together.

There you have it ladies and gents, the Necrons are coming and with some good-looking sculpts in my less than humble opinion. What are your thoughts on these newly released photos?


  1. Glad I'm not the only person who has an issue with the Necrons at the controls lol. If I ever collected Necrons would want to change it so that the two "controllers" are removed and the actual lord/pilot is connected to the barrage as if it was an up sized destroyer body.

    Would also want to change the Ghost Ark so that rather than having the Necrons standing around have it enclosed with a Monolith portal up front... take away from the viking look lol

    But the miniature range looks great. Especially the Lychguard. Alot of detail and converting opportunities. Just as excited about this release as I was for the Dark Eldar.

    - Messanger

  2. I-CANT-WAIT!!!!

    Love the look of them, and LOVE the new vehicle kits!

    Bring on November!

  3. @Messanger of Death
    That's a good point on the transport. Maybe leave the dudes off of it (as clearly they aren't shooting or anything,) and put in a portal, orb or gauss effects.

    @The GunGrave
    I'm very excited; I can finally play to win rather than tie!

  4. I must admit that the only vehicle I like is the ghost ark. Agreed- it looks rather low tech but design vise it fits very well into the bones and skelleton look. Immortals are also ace and snipers fine but the flayed ones are still total fail for me- cmon, hopping around and stuffing dead bodies on themselves?

  5. The Doomsday Ark and the Ghost Ark look like the same Ark with some bits turned upside down. I wonder if they will be the same box to build both... and if so and you build the Doomsday Ark, will you get ten necrons with their arms folded as extra bits? Could make for fun conversions!

  6. You know I'll be stocking up on some new kits!

  7. Since it looks like Arks are going to be the de-facto transport AND (light?) gunboat of the Necrons, they'd better be Rhino-cheap to buy. I do prefer that curled Egyptian-style prow compared to the hokey giant skull from the original sketches, though...