Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Want To Be A Guest Writer On MWC?

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How's everyone doing? Good? Fantastic! Me too, as we here at MWC, in our sloth of writing lately, have got a great idea that benefits everyone! It encourages us to continue on with our laziness and gives our readers a chance to speak their mind to a very large following of their fellow readers. So without rambling too much, if you or anyone you know would like to be a guest writer for MWC on any topic that is modeling related, please post a comment here. We are looking for a few good guest writers to bring in some fresh ideas and view points on all the games out there.

So if you play one of the lesser known games, feel free to leave a comment here! Even if 40k or WHFB is your game of choice, that works too!

Spread the word! Let us all share what we have learned to those just starting out in the hobby!


  1. Hello Lantz, I am interested in writing (or submitting) posts or articles which may be of interest to you? Generally speaking, my hobby blogging likes to centre around terrain, I've recently made a start on a series of tutorial / tip style posts on making terrain (using foam board). They seem to have gone down well and might be of interest to wider audiences too?

    I suppose the question is, are you looking for completely original posts, or is it possible to submit articles that may exist elsewhere (if only to a narrower readership)??

  2. I'm not a very good writer but I'm no slouch in the modeling department and I would enjoy doing some how-to articles for a larger audience. Check these out for a little sample of my work.
    These two are some of my most popular articles and a good example of what I can do when I actually try.

  3. I would be interested how often would you like a article to be guest writer?