Monday, January 16, 2012

[Redscorps] Back again to smash your face in with my Crozius

Reclusiarch 'Geoff' of the Red Scorpions often questioned his choice to work the door for extra purity seals at the girlie bars onboard the Capital Ship. Sure, he loved the ultra-violence but was washing his armour really worth the half price lapdances and a few extra wax seals? He wasn't even sure if he had the right organs to enjoy the lapdances afterall and his armour was beginning to look like an overused notice board at a community rec centre...

I'm back and my hobby works this time around are either going to wreck your face like my main man here with the Crozius just did to your HQ choice (Obviously not in a game of 40k though with my vanilla codex, I'm talking about his performance in a BL novel), get your girl/mother/daughter pregnant or be totally uninteresting and a massive wet blanket on the rest of the blog team.

Haha, I've actually got no idea. I'm no Rictus in the conversions, I'm no LuckyNo.5 in the paintshop and I'm certainly none of the other guys when it comes to creativity.

I do know how to chip the hell out of everything and add bucketloads of semi-realistic weathering pigment placement on my models though so there is that!



  1. Bring them on - this one's okay as a starter!

  2. hey redscorps good to get you back! I can't comment on your blog though...

  3. No LuckyNo.5? Redscorps, you are an awesome painter, I dunno what your talking about. Heh

    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

    BTW, I was isnpired by your army and used pigment powders like what you've done on the corpse on my new Razorwings. I love those powders!

  4. Great Blog!

    Im following you!

    You can follow me too! I got a painting Blog too !

  5. Welcome back, Red! Looking forward to seeing more weathering madness! Hah!

    By the way, I tried to leave a comment on your re-booted blog (it's showing up in my blog rolls), but I'm getting a "Only Team Members may post comments" error.

  6. Welcome back, I tried to comment on your blog but it is only for members... but I love your work. Nice and battered.

  7. Woo! Whatsup Humanoids!

    Thanks for the headsup dudes about the other blog, I think I have it sorted now, I appreciate you letting me know though.

    Ahh, yes the old beaten and battleworn look, a favourite of mine and probably the only way I can paint! Haha.

    Thanks for the comments!