Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Ramblings of Rictus] Forge World Open Day 2012

Well, not been home that long but I have managed to sort out the pictures of anything new that I spotted - as always FW has so much on show at these Open Days that there is always something you miss.

Also taking pictures of models in the glass cabinets under the horrible lighting is a pain in the fundamentals. As such a number of pictures aren't of the highest quality.

Some information which I can remember includes Minotaurs v Necrons for IA 12, however the next Warhammer Forge book will be next (Orks & Gobbos v Dwarfs & Empire). No new titan for a year or two and no Horus Heresy book/series for some time at least - though they shall continue doing Heresy era armour and so on.

Beginning with the Marines we have Mk. IV Assault Marines and Close Combat weapons for the new Terminators. There is scope for more Terminator variants int he future - however do not expect anything soon.

The Storm Eagle, which I have to say I prefer a lot more to the Stormraven.

Bringing back memories is the Spartan Land Raider. This is big, and with Quad Las will pack a punch.

For the less protected Imperial fighting forces is the Avenger. Got to love that gun.

There is a lot more terrain being planned. The first of this is some Cities of Death panels which people can add Cities of Death kits to. This is the first WIP panel.

Also planned, but not in the immediate future are additional pieces for ZM, this includes 'scatter' terrain of which some was in the ZM board set up today - but the majority was scratch built, this may be used as masters for future pieces. Also planned will be Xenos themed panels, example given was a Necron pylon brought up for study, there won't be Xenos panels (such as Nid bio ships etc).

For Warhammer I got pictures of three new pieces which are covered in the new Monstrous Arcanum book.

First up some more Chaos Dwarfs (the picture doesn't do them justice)

Another Dragon like creature...

And the best one of all, the Collossal Squig. How could you not want one? How?

There are more pictures and some more info (alas not much as I forgot most of what I heard...) on my blog at Recalcitrant Daze

Anything else I remember I will add later.


  1. Now THAT'S a Land Raider!

    And does anyone else get the feeling from that plane that they just discovered Crimson Skies?

  2. I looks like a possible Mangler Squig type thing for O&G.

  3. giant squig!!! I now have a friend scratch building a giant mecha squig. The obvious use of sentinel missle launchers on the storm eagle is... ok.

    1. The missile launchers on top of the Storm Eagle aren't from the Sentinel kit, they are larger than the Sentinel one.

    2. I think he's hitting on the fact that they're huge BattleTech-style missile boxes, which is why they look so odd (and really don't belong on an aircraft) The thing really needs to have sleeker aircraft missile launchers, either under wing or embedded with just the doors showing. Those huge things would cause so much drag it'd be hard as hell to fly.

      And then there's that ridiculous little third rudder. How is it FW is good at designing IG planes and rotten at SM ones?

  4. Apparently, Turbine engines are all the rage in 40,000 years . . .