Friday, April 1, 2011

Pay It Forward Future Info (and) Writers wanted

(this was sent as a Newsletter for those subscribed, if you got it, please disregard)

Pay It Forward
     So, as most of you know, the next give away winners will be drawn on April the 7th at 12 noon, Central US Daylight time. After trying a few different ways to see whats best, its most logical to post the winners on the blog at noon. I will then wait for the winners to email me the priority list of items they each want by the following morning. I will then take each winner and draw thier names out and the order I draw them out will be the order that priority choices are taken from.

    So for example say John, Jeff and Jake are winners. They each mail me in a list of the 3 items and the order of "most wanted down to least wanted" . I then draw there names the following morning after I've gotten the lists from each of them. The order now is Jeff, Jake and then John. If all 3 had the same list of wants, Jeff would get his #1, Jake his #2 and John  would get his #3. Sounds complicated but its really not. But if anyone has questions feel free to let me know. (

    After the April 7th Drawing there will be one more large drawing of prizes on the 1st of May. After the May drawing, Pay it Forward will be scaling down. But don't fear! Pay it Forward isn't dead. For 1, it will stay active on the MWC blog but will consist of mainly smaller prizes and things I personally can donate, or my own local group can. Secondly, and I already hear you guys and gals asking, "What about the big stuff??" Well, its got a new home. That's right, after the May 1st Drawing, Gifts of Mork, run by Jason/Arch and using the as a platform will be handling the main things as well as expanding into even more ways of helping out other gamers.

    Gifts of Mork, info can be found here along with where you start following to get in on the action, is a great new idea that has spawned from the brainchild of Pay it Forward. It will be a much more group run event with people from all over the world helping. Not only will there be free swag but other non profit charity style events. Not only will the idea of people being able to donate and have the chance to win things but it will consist of painters, modelers and hobbyists from around the world working for the greater good. Full info can be found here:

    That should cover the big stuff. I hope everyone has a great day and I do apologize for sending out an email Just seemed the best way to pass on important info. Any other normal news will be posted on the blog as usual.

New Writers
     Calling all converters, painters, modelers and hobbyists! Miniature Wargame Conversions is currently looking for a few good people with the urge to share what they know! That's right, if you have anything modeling related be it a tutorial, a review of a new product you purchased, a cool post on your blog or just modeling news related to the hobby as a whole, there is a home for you!

    If your interested in becoming a writer at Miniature Wargame Conversions, please send me an email to and let me know.


  1. It sounds like a fairer way to do it :)

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! Very well written, and I couldn't have scripted that and better myself!

    If there are ANY questions you guys have about what I'm planning, please don't hesitate to hit me up at Gifts of Mork!

    Just for the record I am both Architech AND Grubby the Giver (who is the mascot of the movement). I respond to messages on both.

    Email for the movement is

    if you prefer to use that instead of the comment or pm system at 40kforums

    Thanks for the continued support everyone!

  3. Well you have the support of and my crew in this. Sick right now so when I can think a bit better I will do a write up on the site.